Dec 6, 2012

December 2, 2012- Making gingerbread houses

For Family Home Evening on Dec 2nd, we decided to make gingerbread houses while we watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional.  The kids really enjoyed making a huge mess the houses, and I really enjoyed hearing from the prophets! It was such a beautiful message--i'm sure it's on the church's website if you'd all like to take a look!

TEXAS trip November 2012!!!

YAY!! Texas!!  We miss Texas sooooo much! We got the opportunity to go back for 12 days this November!  David, Matt's brother, got married on November 16th, so we went down for that and decided to stay for Thanksgiving since it was less then a week later.  We even FLEW! on an AIRPLANE!!! Now I know this may not be exciting to some folks, but we always DRIVE everywhere, so it was a refreshing break to be able to get on the plane and 2.5 hrs later actually be there!  Not to mention saving at least 3 vacation days since we didn't have to drive.  It was bliss.  Ok, enough of my praise of flying!  Sorry!  We were super busy pretty much the whole time we were in San Antonio.  Here's a rundown of what we did after arriving late on Wednesday the 14th:
mani/pedis for the mom and grandma, 
ate at Salt Lick in Driftwood,
rehearsal dinner in Austin,
wedding in Austin,
saw SANTA,
saw our besties Ryan and Nicole while eating at our fav restaurand, Stone Werks, 
saw Skyfall,
met for lunch at RUDY'S with Matt's old work friends in New Braunfels,
grandparents took the kids to the Children's Museum,
Sea World (for 8 HOURS!),
ate breakfast tacos,
San Antonio Zoo, 
met with old friends at Beefys for chatting and playing,
ate at La Madeline,
did a bit of shopping,
Thanksgiving #2 with Matt's extended family,
finally a bit of rest before leaving for home on Nov 26th!
It makes me tired all over again just thinking of all the fun we had!!