Mar 29, 2009

Lexie's first day of church

Today was Lexie's first day of church!  We only stayed for sacrament meeting- but hey- we went!  She's making the funniest face in this picture!! hahahaha!

kids leaving and random pics

The first 2 pictures are of my kids the day they left to go to Idaho.  It was 6am, so they are still a bit tired--but so excited!! The other pics are just a couple random ones that I found on the computer.


So, I dedicate this post to my wonderful, amazing mother.  27 years ago, she brought me into this world--and she's been there for each of my children's births.  She is so awesome to always come and help me out!  This time she stayed from Feb 23rd to March 25th.  and I was NOT ready for her to go home!! It is so hard to live so far away from the people that I love so much!  I don't know how she lived in Europe and all over the US for all those years away from her mom with us as kids.  I have a hard time everytime she leaves, not only because I miss her so much, but I can also see the sadness in my kids, and that is so hard!  She was gracious (AND BRAVE) enough to take Brian and Sydnee back to Idaho with her for a few weeks, so that I can have some rest time with just me and Lexie.  The kids are so excited to be with her and my dad.  I just wish we lived closer.  I love you, mom! Thanks so much for all you do for my kids and me!

I had a birthday!

I had a birthday!  We won't mention ages...hahahahaha.  My wonderful mom was here for my birthday, which is always nice, and she made me my favorite dinner that I rarely allow myself to have.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and corn!  YUM!  Thanks mom!  We also went over to matt's grandparent's rest home to have some yummy strawberry shortcake. (also my favorite!)  This was their first time seeing Lexie also.  We had to get a picture of them and 3 of their 4 great-grandkids.  Yes, 3 are ours.  ;)  

The kids last day of school

The kids had their last day of school on March 23rd.  They were sad and excited at the same time.  Sad to be leaving their teachers and friends, but sooooo happy to be going to Idaho with grandma!  They've had a great year, and have both improved tremendously!  Sydnee will be going to Giant Steps again next year, but Brian will be in Kindergarten!!  Yikes!   

Mar 20, 2009

Rodeo Day at school

The kids had Rodeo Day at school yesterday, so we dressed them up in their western gear--SO CUTE!  even Lexie had a western outfit and boots that are still a little big-all my kids have worn these boots! Love them!  At the school they got to play rodeo games, have stick horse races, and pet tons of animals that a petting zoo brought.  There were even cute baby cows and ponys!  How cute is Brian in his cowboy gear?!?!  Love the cowboy butt! HAHAHA!! 

Mar 19, 2009

Baby Stats

lexie's baby stats....

1 week check: head 32 cm
                         6lbs 8 oz 
                          18 1/2 inches

2 week check: head 34 cm
                           7lb 2 oz
   19 1/4 inches

Lexie's photo shoot (5 days old)

When Lexie was 5 days old, my awesome friend, Krista, took some pictures of Lexie.  She seriously takes the best pictures!  Lexie was so good-and awake and alert!  I can't believe how much she's grown since these were taken.  There were so many good ones, I had a hard time picking which ones to put on here.  ENJOY!


Mar 18, 2009

Happy ST Patricks day!

In honor of one of my favorite holidays- I, of course,  had to dress the kids up!  Here's to my 3 lucky charms!  :)

Mar 10, 2009

lexie likes tv!

We've just figured out that Lexie likes to watch tv!! HAHAHA!  Here she is chillin out on the boppy watching a show...imagine that, a 10 day old baby watching tv.  She is seeming more like Brian every day! He LOVED watching Baby Einstein dvds when he was a baby...Sydnee never really liked tv...and here Lexie is, already intrigued by the it.

Sea World

The kids are out of school this week for Spring Break **heaven help me**, and we took them to Market Square downtown yesterday and Sea World today.  It was a WINDY day! not hot though, so that's good....Lexie was an ANGEL--she rode in her carseat in the stroller and didn't make a peep the whole time, even though I knew she HAD to be starving!  She is such a good baby.  The kids had a great time, and loved being back at Sea World.  We've missed you for 3 months, Sea World!! LOL!  

My kids

Here's my cuties!  Lexie looked so cute in her purple outfit today that I had to take some pics--she's 11 days old already! Can you believe that???  And FINALLY--I got Brian to hold Lexie for some pictures....basically, I sat him on the couch and put her in his arms! ;)  He kinda liked it, but he won't admit it! HA!