Feb 27, 2009

She's HERE!!!

Well, she has arrived!  Alexa (Lexie) Shelby Wheelus was born this morning, Feb.27, 2009 at 1:11am.  She weighed 6lbs 10oz and is 19inches long.  She is a good mix of both our kids.  I know hospital pics aren't the greatest, but I have tons of family wanting to see her!!  

Oh- can you tell which is the before drugs pic and the after drugs pic of me????

Feb 26, 2009

Got the drugs

yes, i'm on here again- but what else do I have to do! After hours of no progress--(they started me on the pitocen at about 215pm) and had to keep upping the dosage because nothing was happening.  Around 530 the contractions started to get more intense, but still no dialating. Up the dose again please!! LOL!  My dr came in at about 9 and broke my water and they increased my pitocen again...then they started to get really bad!  I got my epidural at about 10 and I was finally dialated to a 4! Hooray!  Have I really been here since noon?!?!?!  So now we are just waiting to progress more, but I definitely feel A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!  Matt is asleep as I write, but mom and I are too anxious to sleep.  
What I'm wondering is...when can i have some food??  I'm starved! LOL!!  


well, we are at the hospital....waiting for little Lexie to arrive!  I went to my dr appt this morning and my blood pressure was pretty high and i've had some swelling in my feet and she sent me home to get my mom and my things and off we went to the hospital.  they put me on a pitocen drip at about 215 we are just waiting....

stay tuned!

Feb 22, 2009

False Alarm--BOO!

For any of you who do not know--I DO NOT go to the hospital to have babies until I am VERY sure I am in labor. I absolutely hate the idea of being sent home.  However, this past Wednesday night- i was forced to go! UGH.  At a recent dr's appt, I was told that my amniotic fluid is pretty low, so we need to keep it monitored.  On Wednesday night, I thought my water had broken (my water has never broken on its own, so I really don't know what to expect)- anyway, they told me to come in just to check and be sure everything was ok.  Long story short, my water did NOT break, and we spent hours at the hospital just to BE SENT HOME. BOO!!!  I have another appt this week, so we'll see how things are going, but we are probably going to have this baby before her due date on March 9th.  LUCKILY- my mom changed her ticket and is now coming keep checking may see baby pics very soon! :)
Here is a picture of me trying to remain calm.....LOL!!  

Zoo and Stock Show

On Saturday, the 21st, we had quite a busy day. It's probably one of the last Saturdays with just us and the kids before Lexie arrives, and we took advantage of that!  We started the morning by going to the Zoo's members only breakfast and behind the scenes was neat-EARLY, but the kids had fun.  Yes, that first pic is of Sydnee petting a rat.  EWWW.  
After the zoo, we decided to head over to the stock show...we have never been and this was the last weekend.  The kids LOVED all the animals- sydnee especially wanted to touch ALL of them.  They had a petting zoo among other things, and we even sat in on a steer auction.  So fun!  We will DEFINITELY be going again next year- why haven't we done this before!??!?!   There are tons of pics- enjoy!

Feb 15, 2009

Dinner at Morton's

As part of a Christmas bonus, Matt and I got a giftcard to Morton's- which we used last night for our Valentine's date. They had a special going-tons of yummy food for one low price! LOL! They were also taking photos of all their guests and putting them in a special frame for Valentine's day.

Valentines Day

We love holidays! Here's the cuties on Valentine's Day 2009~ making special sugar cookies, eating their donut breakfast after opening their special mailboxes from mom and dad, and just being silly!

Jaylie's party

The kids friend, Jaylie, turned 3! So naturally we went to celebrate at the Nielson's house yesterday! We had a ton of fun with our friends-eating-talking-and opening presents! The kids also played a cute party game where they "stuck the jewel on strawberry shortcake." Thanks, Kip, Kajsa and Jaylie, for a super fun time!!

Here's all the kids--well, minus the babies--we didn't want a smothering situation going on! :)

Here's all the dads....

And all the moms....

School Stuff

The kids had their first school field trip on Feb 6th--we went to Funtastic Playland. Yes, my friends, 3 hours of NON STOP fun and playing...for them anyway. I only got 2 pictures, because half the time I didn't know where they were! Here is Brian riding on the trains-it's so dark-sorry! And Sydnee with her best friend, Jordyn.
The other picture is of them painting mailboxes for their school valentine's party. They did such a cute job! On a side note-i have no pics of their parties, because I was stuck at the doctor forever! Boo! :(

Feb 11, 2009

Duh- my baby shower!

Ok- so I am a complete idiot and forgot to write about my SUPER GREAT baby shower that my friends gave me this past weekend!  You guys are the best! Thanks to all who came to celebrate Lexie's upcoming arrival-and for the great gifts!  I did steal these pics from Nicole's blog, because for some reason I didn't like any of the ones on my camera!  Pardon the large girl in gray in the last one- I can't help it! ;) Only 3 weeks and a couple days left!  We had yummy bagels, fruit, pink cupcakes, and darling water bottles with Lexie's name on them!  THANKS-THANKS-THANKS!! 

Boring- i know

I know- I'm a boring blogger lately. SORRY--just wanted to post saying that 
I ONLY HAVE about 3 WEEKS left!! YAY!!! I am so ready to be done being pregnant!!  and I'm ready to meet this little one....
I do have a couple new pics to post, but I'll wait until Saturday night, after Valentines parties/bday party/and after our VDay date....that way I only have to upload once!  Can you tell I'm getting a bit lazy?!?!

As for the pregnancy- I'm fine...yes, I do have complaints, but who doesn't??  So I will spare ya'll the details!  

Feb 2, 2009

another chance to win

ok- so I  found this other cool giveaway at !  what awesome and fun coloring products for our kids! 
my fav is the crayon rocks!