Oct 27, 2008

Church Trunk or Treat

As if Friday night weren't enough, Saturday night we had our church Trunk or Treat! Again, all day beggin as to when we were going to leave! It was pretty fun for the kids- the church did a chili/cornbread/pie cookoff to start the night, then a costume contest, and FINALLY the trunk or treating. There were so many kids there this year! Way more than I remember from any other time. UNFORTUNATELY, this year, my mom and dad did not come down for Halloween. BOO! They've been down every year, so it was a bit melancholy *sp?* going without them. The doggie in the pic is our surrogate dog, Sophie. And NONE of my pics with my SUPER, wonderful friend Nicole turned out--so Nic- I need one!
Try not to notice my increasingly large form....but only 4 full months to go! YAY!

School Halloween Party

On Friday night, the kids had a school halloween party/trick or treat. They were BEGGING all week long as to when they could put on their costumes. Finally, the day arrived! :) They were so excited and had a super fun time. The one of the 3 boys is Brian and his classmates, and the one of Sydnee and her friend, Julia, turned out blurry for some reason- Sorry!


Last Tuesday, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and ventured to the Zoo. We have a year long Zoo pass, which is lovely by the way, so we can go anytime we want! The weather was sooooo nice (as opposed to the 1000 degree weather when we went with my mom and sis in August--NEVER again will I go to the zoo July-August!). The animals were out and about...and then of course we rode the train.

Sea World Howl O Scream!

This year we ventured to Sea World to see what their Howl O Scream was like. Needless to say...syd's still a bit scared! Not everything was frieky, just a few parts. It was super fun...and I got scared to death by a werewolf...definately a must do if you're in SA for an October weekend...

Oct 11, 2008

some stretching

brian had another soccer game today....most of the pics are the same as the last ones i've posted, but I thought these ones of the kids stretching were cute.

Pumpkin Patch

This morning we took the kids on our annual pumpkin patch trip! Well, we didn't have to travel far, but it was still a good time. They picked out some cute pumpkins....syd even got one for the new baby. Sweet!
And, YES, we are in TEXAS gear, because it was a SUPER BIG GAME TODAY! And of course, THEY WON!!!

Spurs Game

Last night Matt and I got the opportunity to go to the Spurs first home game. Yes, it was pre-season, but it was still tons of fun! We love our Spurs--even if they did lose to New Orleans. BOO!

Oct 4, 2008


Hey all!! Thanks so much for your well wishes and congratulations!  so i'll answer a few questions.....
**yes, we have 2 names- haven't decided between the 2 just yet (i think we have time! HA!) but I think we'll keep them a secret for a little while longer....  ;)
**i've been feeling alright--SO tired, and for a few weeks totally crappy, but it's getting much better now and the acupuncture has already helped A TON with my migranes!
**I really don't know how I was able to dodge suspicion for so long....there are some who knew earlier, but for the most part, many were surprised!  ;)  it was actually kinda fun having a secret that just matt and i knew for so long! 

now i'm getting in the prepare mode.  trying to look for a bigger house--praying for a job offer--figuring out what we actually need (since i sold a TON of stuff already).  really, we thought we were done after Bri and Syd, but what can we say--someone was telling us there was another one waiting.  

love to all!!  we'll keep you updated!

Oct 3, 2008

and for the drum roll please......

IT'S A GIRL!!! YAY! We are sooo excited--especially Sydnee and I. She already looks so cute on the scan...but I may be a tad biased, I'm not sure! HA! Everything's growing exactly as it should be--she's so active--doing little twists and turns in there. AND, so cute, like my other 2 kids, she had her feet crossed at the ankles. Who knows why they do this, but I love it! I am due March 9,09. So I am about 18 weeks along. Just thought we'd FINALLY share the good news OFFICIALLY!

Oct 1, 2008

acupuncture #2

i had acupuncture appointment #2 today... i know- you're all super excited to hear about it too ;)
anywhoo--this time i laid on my stomach and he put some in my back, the back of my head, and sides of my head.  The dr said one more treatment and that should knock out these headaches at least for the duration of my special condition.  GOOD news!  PLUS, it's costing not even  1/3 of what my migrane meds would have cost and it's medication free! Love that!  For those of you with chronic aches and pains that don't seem to have cure, give acupuncture a just may work!