Oct 4, 2008


Hey all!! Thanks so much for your well wishes and congratulations!  so i'll answer a few questions.....
**yes, we have 2 names- haven't decided between the 2 just yet (i think we have time! HA!) but I think we'll keep them a secret for a little while longer....  ;)
**i've been feeling alright--SO tired, and for a few weeks totally crappy, but it's getting much better now and the acupuncture has already helped A TON with my migranes!
**I really don't know how I was able to dodge suspicion for so long....there are some who knew earlier, but for the most part, many were surprised!  ;)  it was actually kinda fun having a secret that just matt and i knew for so long! 

now i'm getting in the prepare mode.  trying to look for a bigger house--praying for a job offer--figuring out what we actually need (since i sold a TON of stuff already).  really, we thought we were done after Bri and Syd, but what can we say--someone was telling us there was another one waiting.  

love to all!!  we'll keep you updated!


Janine Padilla said...

Congrats on a girl!! That's so exciting. You guys did make an absolutely gorgeous little girl already!!

BryNate said...

How exciting. Enjoy the benefits of having a hubby that works as an administrator of a hospital!! I enjoyed the perks growing up, that's for sure. No more waiting in the hospital lobby!!

Becky said...

Doesn't pregnancy suck sometimes! ok so it really doesn't because what is at the end makes it all worth it. I am so glad that someone is having a girl. I love to dress little girls, probably because there really isn't much for boys. Just jeans and a T.. is all they really need! I am so excited to see my store made it on the mandee wheelus favorite sites list! That's great thanks a bunch. Can't wait to hear the name you choose!