Aug 26, 2008


Yesterday was the first day of school!! My little ones started preschool and preK! Weird!! They were so excited to go and they got to bring their lunches. Sydnee goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 815-1215, and Brian goes MWF from 815-315. It was so weird to have so much time alone! I started teaching some day yoga classes, so that helped fill the void! They did pretty well considering both my kids' personalities! HA! Brian had a fence climbing/not listening incident and Sydnee got pretty upset when Brian had to leave the common room to go to his class, but all in all--it went pretty well! I was the one crying when matt and I walked out the door-luckily I brought sunglasses so Syd couldn't see. She didn't cry when I left! That's progress! Hopefully tomorrow we will have minimal incidents!

Sydnee is dancin

Sydnee started dance class last was....interesting. She cried practically the whole time. Why? who knows why this kid cries. She cried for weeks in nursery after we left her in there....but by the last 20 mins of class she seemed to finally calm down. Hopefully this Thursday is better.....

Mom and Kate's Visit!

So my mom and my sister and niece came to visit this past week and we had soooo much fun!! Kylie and Sydnee got along so well! It will be great fun (and trouble i'm sure) when they are older! We went to the zoo, the outlets, downtown to market square, and to sea world. They had to leave a day early because of the hurricane coming sis lives in Alabama and they didn't want to be driving in a hurricane! We had so much fun and can't wait until Christmas when everyone is together again!

Pedernalas State Park

well, as you know we love to go looking for adventure...and one saturday found us with nothing to do in the morning and afternoon, so we ventured up to Pedernalas State Park. Pretty fun, although with the lack of rain, the river was down and the falls were non existant! Weird. We forgot swim suits, so we got wet in our clothes. I actually didn't get wet on purpose, I slipped on a rock and fell in! But it felt REALLY good since it was so stinkin hot outside.

Downtown fun

ok so i know it's been FOREVER since i last posted (GASP!) but things have been VERY crazy around all the new posts will prove! hahahaha
for our anniversary, matt and I went downtown and stayed the night at the Westin Riverwalk. We ate yummy Ruths Chris steaks, walked along the river, and just had fun being together, alone! The Westin sent up (free!) YUMMY chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. (which we didn't drink of course, but it was a nice gesture!)