Jan 28, 2009

I've been tagged I guess

6 Random/Quirky things about myself......

1.  I seriously have some sort of OCD...I cannot physically stand a messy makes me ill to look at. I am constantly picking up and arranging things so that they are just so.  Yes, I do have children, and it IS harder on myself to keep picking up what they leave out- but i have to.  It's impossible for me not to.

2.  I am an obsessed picture taker. I ALWAYS have my camera...but most of you already know this fact.

3.  I love makeup and hair products.  I have tons and tons of stuff that I never, and probably will never, use- but I can't stop collecting.

4.  I am obsessed with holidays--if there is a holiday, I have decorations for it.  My favs are St Patricks day and Christmas.  

5.  Brian and Sydnee's hair always has to be done.  I can go out with no makeup, in my sweats, with my hair in shambles- but you'd better believe that my kids are put together and ready to go.

6. Just like my cousin, Stephanie, I have no middle name.  Why? I do not know--if you want you can ask my mom.  But she doesn't have a middle name either- so maybe she has no answer.  LOL!

I tag-- Joan, Erin, Nicole, Kajsa, Krista, and Kristen--oh whatever- whoever wants to do it- Do it!

Jan 26, 2009

Matt's new job

With all the craziness of the new year, getting everything ready for the baby, and me just plain trying to relax--I forgot to inform everyone about Matt's new job.  Not exactly the one we were hoping for-but a job nonetheless, and for that we are grateful.  After months of worrying and stressing- we finally found out at the beginning of January.....
He still works for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, but this time his commute is to the New Braunfels hospital. (for those who don't know texas, New Braunfels is about 40 miles or so north of San Antonio, toward Austin)  He is Operations Manager for the new Cardiac department? I think? He seems to like it-except for the drive.  He drives about an hour each way...which is totally annoying considering gas prices, but HE HAS A JOB!  There are a few in his graduating class that no longer have jobs, so we are truly glad he does.  Good Luck, Matt- and congratulations!

Jan 24, 2009

Check this out!

I just saw this on Erin's blog- and of course had to enter!  Take a look--I've been wanting one of these strollers FOREVER!  

Jan 23, 2009

The Girl's Room!

Ok, so it took me a week, but I'm 98% finished with the girl's room!  I think it turned out pretty cute--I absolutely love the new look of the room!  The sister's frame is something I made myself, so it's even more special.  Obviously I can't put a picture in it until I get a sister picture! HA!
 Anyway- I guess everyone knows her name too! Her name is actually going to be Alexa Shelby (matt's paternal grandpa's name is Shelby) and we will call her Lexie...well, I'm 95% sure about the name. I guess if she comes out and she doesn't look like a Lexie--we will go from there.  LOL!  I'm having decision problems this pregnancy! But I finally finished the room!  We are waiting a little bit to put up the crib...I need to get a crib mattress...but I do have bedding! 

*update* I just noticed that there's no valance up yet either...I'm sending my mom the paint samples from the room and she's going to make something cute and bring it down with her. 

Jan 19, 2009

I know- I know

I know it's been a while since I last posted.  I'm soooo tired.  We're down to the last 6 1/2 weeks, and it seems to be catching up to me now.  Back aches, tiredness, CRANKINESS, being totally uncomfortable, and not being able to sleep...just to name a few!  I've also been having BAD sciatica pain...which actually gets worse when i'm up and active (but i feel SO lazy when i'm just laying around)!  And tons of contractions!  A couple real ones, but mostly just painful Braxton Hicks.  

Luckily, I get to go out with some of my girly friends on Friday night, so that's something to look forward to.

Sydnee and I also started a project....the girls' room.  We painted it pink and brown and are now adding the finishing touches.  It is turning out super cute.  Of course I will post some pics when it's done, but I'm waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail to finish it up.
It must've been the weekend of deals, because I found some super nice bedding for the crib for only $22.50, a lamp for $7, a new blanket for Sydnee's bed for $20, and a few other little things.  I love deals!! 
Just wanted to post something so that you didn't think I died or something! HA!  Somedays I feel like I am, but we all know that in a few short weeks, the babe will be here, and we'll have a whole new set of challenges!  3 am feedings??? diaper changes???  what??? I thought I was done with that!  

Jan 4, 2009

Just for fun

So these are all just random pics that we took while the family was here--no particular order...just fun! My dad brought down his 2 new border collie puppies, which we wanted to keep with us!! They are so adorable and the kids had a great time annoying them! (the pups would hide from syd sometimes!) We rocked out with Derrick's new Rock Band game, and for anyone who knows my family, you know we love to play mom got this new one called "would you rather" and it was the best! I definately want to add that one to my collection! Enjoy!

Alamo Bowl!

Also while Kate and Derrick were here, we got to go to the Alamo Bowl! Sharon (matt's mom) got a bunch of tix, and it was a ton of fun! Craziness downtown, but that's to be expected. We took all the kids-more craziness, but for the most part, they did great! We had pretty good seats too, in the lower bowl. And for any of you who saw that game--it was great! We left at halftime because of the kiddies, but if we'd stayed, we would've been down there until midnight! Yikes! Thanks, Sharon for the tix--we had a blast!

The zoo

While Kate, Derrick and Kylie were still here we took a trip to the zoo--it was an awesome day!! A few of the animals weren't out though, which is always dissapointing, but we had fun nonetheless. The kids LOVED the train! I'm not sure why i didn't get very many pics though; I may have to steal some from Kate!

Out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse

The night before Mom, Dad and Ellie left, we all went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was eventful! HAAHA It's always interesting to try and take 11 people to dinner...3 of those being little kids. It was fun to be together though, and I miss them all terribly!

Christmas Day

Christmas day was what it is every year--chaotic and lovely at the same time. I love seeing my kids faces first thing when they see their gifts. There's something magical about it. We actually had to wake Sydnee up...bummer--that's why she looks a bit odd in her picture! HA! I love Christmas!! In the evening, we went downtown to the riverwalk to see the lights...i think i only got one decent pic and it's of everyone riding the trolley. oh well...

Sea World, Christmas Eve

We ventured to Sea World on Christmas Eve day and had a blast. The weather was PERFECT, and it wasn't crowded at all! The first pic is of the lucky ones who got to ride the roller coaster...i don't know if you can tell, but mom and dad are in the 3rd car, first row, and the rest of them are in the 4th car, 1st and second rows. I'm jealous!

Christmas eve

So these will be in no apparent order, because that takes too long. These are from our christmas eve....the one outside is of us putting out reindeer food (glitter mixed with granola) for santa's reindeer...and WE GOT A WII!! My mom and dad TOTALLY surpised Kate, Derrick, Matt and I with's AWESOME! We are sooo happy! Thanks again mom and dad! Oh and YES, we girls all have matching pjs....a tradition we've been doing for YEARS. i love it!