Jan 23, 2009

The Girl's Room!

Ok, so it took me a week, but I'm 98% finished with the girl's room!  I think it turned out pretty cute--I absolutely love the new look of the room!  The sister's frame is something I made myself, so it's even more special.  Obviously I can't put a picture in it until I get a sister picture! HA!
 Anyway- I guess everyone knows her name too! Her name is actually going to be Alexa Shelby (matt's paternal grandpa's name is Shelby) and we will call her Lexie...well, I'm 95% sure about the name. I guess if she comes out and she doesn't look like a Lexie--we will go from there.  LOL!  I'm having decision problems this pregnancy! But I finally finished the room!  We are waiting a little bit to put up the crib...I need to get a crib mattress...but I do have bedding! 

*update* I just noticed that there's no valance up yet either...I'm sending my mom the paint samples from the room and she's going to make something cute and bring it down with her. 


Jenni said...

Mandee--this turned out so cute!!! LOVE it!

Stucki Family said...

So cute!!! Good Job!!! I love pink and brown! Hope the next few weeks go well and I am excited to see pictures- you have such BEAUTIFUL children I am sure this new addition wont be any different. : )

Adams Family said...

LOVE it mandee!!
you've been busy!! looks amazing! Ü

melimba said...

busy beaver, indeed!
good work!
it is TOO darling!!!

The Jacobson Family said...

That is so cute, the girls will love it. We can't wait to see pics of the new little one. Tell Matt hello for us. We Miss You Guys