Jul 25, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary!

6 YEARS! Holy cow! I cannot believe it! Happy Anniversary, Matt! Wow, looking at these pictures made me realize how much we've both (oh and our kids too!) grown up! LOL! Look at my little babies! Still can't believe I'm 26, married, with 2 kids, living in the suburbs with a minivan!! YIKES! It may be hard at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Love you matt! Here's to many more years together......

July 25th, 2002

Salt Lake Temple

Gotta love cake!

With our new little Brian...December 2003

With yet another...our fam of 4 began on July 16th, 2005

My cuties--I'm thinking this is the beginning of August 2005

Our anniversary last year- at the Westin downtown.

Our super, duper, lovely, wonderful, AMAZING trip to Chicago-March 2008

Jul 19, 2008

Sydnee's Pony Party

BEWARE--there are a gazillion pics--I couldn't pick just a few!! Well, Sydnee had her birthday party today-we had a PONY PARTY. We had it at a petting zoo right by our house...they had 5 little ponies, tons of goats, rabbits, piggies, gerbals, mini horses, donkeys, etc.....SO FUN! Of course food, a PONY and Butterfly cake and PRESENTS were involved. Thanks to all who joined us--we loved getting together, and we had a great time!

The VERY hot pink pony

The butterfly cake made of m&ms

Brian on one of the horses

Getting ready for a ride

Sydnee on the horse--she rode them a TON of times!

Syd and Dylan (and tim) by the donkeys and mini horse

Matt and Aaron having an interesting game of tetherball!

Of course, presents!

The kids got a hayride--don't the dads look thrilled!

The birthday girl with a million presents--some aren't even pictured! Notice the color of most...

Jul 17, 2008

Sydnee is 3!!!

Miss Sydnee Sara Wheelus is 3! I can't believe it's been 3 whole years since this princess came into our family!! We had a fun day yesterday...started the morning opening presents, went swimming (no pics-sorry!), went to dinner at Red Robin (where they sang to her, and she was super embarrassed and buried her face in arm!), went to Build a Bear (her all time fav place), and then watched some fireworks from the parking lot by Fiesta Texas. She thought the fireworks were just for her birthday! SO cute! and yes, I let her think the fireworks were all for her!

Posing in front of her presents...

Her new bear!

Getting new clothes for her new bear-Sara.

Getting sung to at Red Robin...she was so embarrassed!

Two big faced ladies!

Waiting for the fireworks to start...don't ya love how they are posing, yet not looking?!?!?! Nice

Papa's Birthday

Well...the 15th was matt's grandpa's birthday! So we took a double layer, chocolate, chocolate frosted cake over to the rest home to party with the old folks!! The cake was delish if I do say so myself, and Papa was so happy to have "most" everyone there to enjoy it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! We love you!

Jul 6, 2008

Golfing on Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning we got up early for our tee time of 830--(we had to be there by 8) and had a fun day of golfing. Sydnee and I were really there just to ride along, and she did WAY better than I thought!! 18 holes is a bit long if you're not one of the players, but we still had a good time. Brian, of course, had a GREAT time, and I got to drive the cart the whole time.(thank heavens I thought to bring my ipod!) SUPER! Here are some fun pics.....

4th fun/Canyon Lake

Happy 4th of July....well I guess a couple days ago! We went and spent a good part of the day up at Canyon Lake with Matt's mom, dad, brother and a family friend. It's been very finiky weather here, and the storm clouds looked bad, so we left before we really wanted to...and then it never ended up raining. BOO! anyway, we went home, got showered and changed--into our 4th attire of course!--and went out to dinner at Red Robin, one of my favorite places! YUM! We couldn't set off fireworks because of the burn ban, so that was a bummer. but we went over to matt's parents and spent the night--we got to see 3 different sets of fireworks from their balcony upstairs. All in all, it was a good day!