Jul 19, 2008

Sydnee's Pony Party

BEWARE--there are a gazillion pics--I couldn't pick just a few!! Well, Sydnee had her birthday party today-we had a PONY PARTY. We had it at a petting zoo right by our house...they had 5 little ponies, tons of goats, rabbits, piggies, gerbals, mini horses, donkeys, etc.....SO FUN! Of course food, a PONY and Butterfly cake and PRESENTS were involved. Thanks to all who joined us--we loved getting together, and we had a great time!

The VERY hot pink pony

The butterfly cake made of m&ms

Brian on one of the horses

Getting ready for a ride

Sydnee on the horse--she rode them a TON of times!

Syd and Dylan (and tim) by the donkeys and mini horse

Matt and Aaron having an interesting game of tetherball!

Of course, presents!

The kids got a hayride--don't the dads look thrilled!

The birthday girl with a million presents--some aren't even pictured! Notice the color of most...


melimba said...

wow, girl! you are QUICK on posting! Good for you!
ok, the party was a BLAST and a HALF!
Thanks for letting us come!
Sydnee is SUCH a DOLL!

BETH said...

Jacob and Merry had such a fun time- that place is such a good idea. Sorry we missed the cake and present opening. It looks like Miss Syndee had a pretty fabulous day.

Adams Family said...

thanks for the super fun party!! annie and katy both had a blast!
sydnee is the the pink!Ü

Joan Koplin said...

Look at you, Miss Fancy Schmancy Cake Maker! Wow, they look amazing :) You are such a good Mom. I'm impressed.

Tiffany Montoya said...

Love the M&M cake...its so cute and so awesome!