May 18, 2010

May- UTAH running up the mountain with Chelsy and Mike

While in Utah, I was itching to do some sort of outside run/hike, whatever, so my uncle and cousin took me up Adam's Canyon for a little hiking/running.  It was AWESOME! I tell you, if I lived there, I would do this hike at least 3 times a week! As we got closer to the top and the upper falls, it kept getting colder, we saw some snow, and it even started to hail on us a tiny bit.  On our way down, the clouds kept getting lower and lower as you can see in the last picture.  I'm definitely doing this run again, and maybe even adding some biking in this summer.....

May- UTAH misc...

1st picture: All my favorite grandmas! grandma sheryl, great-grandma katie, me, mom and lexie on Mother's Day!!
2nd picture: Ellie, Kate, mom, Lexie and I at my grandma Noland's grave in Morgan.  This was my first time visiting her grave since her funeral.  Bittersweet. I miss my grandma Noland.
3rd picture: my grandma sheryl and I at Tai Pan
4th picture: my cousin, Jake, and I at Taco Time  ( I love this kid! He is such a sweetheart...we used to pretend we were married when we were younger! LOL!)

May- UTAH Race for the Cure

On May 7, I flew up to Utah to pick up Lexie.  While I was up there, my cousins, aunts, mom, and grandma all did the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake.  It was so fun to have so many of us take part in such a good cause!  There were 17 of us including Kylie and Lexie!  Afterwards, we went to Red Robin and ate good food and had good conversation with all the ones we love!

April- miscellaneous

Miscellaneous happenings in April!  Brian lost his first tooth, Sydnee and Brian had their last days at their schools (since we moved, it would be too far to take them each day), and we said goodbye to Lexie for 3 weeks!  My sister, Kate, took Lexie with her on the plane back to Utah and my mom picked her up and took her to Idaho.  This helped SO MUCH with the moving process (which took us the whole 3 weeks!) It was so nice to know that Lex was being taken care of while we moved, painted, and attempted to get settled without a 1 year old underfoot the whole time.  I know it was hard for my mom, but she is the best and will do pretty much anything for me!!


WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!  Yipeeeee!!  We finally did it- we took the plunge, and bought a house.  Matt got a promotion, and we really wanted/needed to be closer to New Braunfels (It was over an hour drive to and from work for matt)  However, we didn't really want to be IN New Braunfels, so we moved to the Bulverde area which is now about 25 mins away from matt's work.  We bought a new house that was just waiting for us...the first time I went in it, I just KNEW it was to be my house.  It's 2605 sq ft with lots of nice big trees, lots of upgrades- lovely dark wood floor, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and a huge gameroom for the kids.  I will put more pics of the decorated house up when I get a chance!

April- Megan and Kate's visit WARNING- A MILLION PICTURES!

PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!  We did soooo many fun things when Meg, Kate and Kylie were here! We went to the Riverwalk, Sea World, the Zoo, the Outlets, and swam, swam, swam!   I love having people come and visit me- I get to play hostess, and show everyone all the fun things we do in San Antonio.  My kids LOVED having them here, and we can't wait to go see everyone in Utah/Idaho in July!

April- Easter

EASTER was, of course, filled with egg dying, eating too much junk, egg hunting, and filling the Easter baskets with tons of candy and goodies.  My sister, Katie, her daughter, Kylie, and my cousin, Megan came to visit march 30-apr 14 and were here for Easter.  It was so fun to do an egg hunt in the back yard of our Scenic Oaks house.  We hid 150 eggs and found them ALL!