Oct 17, 2010

Brian's Touchdown videos

Let's hope this works and you can see Brian's AWESOMEness scoring his touchdowns!! 

Painting Pumpkins Oct 17, 2010

We took a little trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Well, it's actually not a patch, but rather a church lawn area with a bunch of pumpkins and harvest decor. HAHAHA! We haven't had time this year to go to a fun place like the apple orchards or anything, and we probably won't before Halloween's over, so we took the kids over to this church to pick out some pumpkins.  We stuck to the mini 50 cent-$1 pumpkins because they wanted $13 for a medium size pumpkin that I can get at HEB for around $4-5.  Yeah, not paying $13 per pumpkin this year.  SORRY! We'll go get our bigger pumpkins this week and carve/decorate them next Sunday.  However, kids were happy to get a mini one and we had Family Home Evening tonight and let them paint them.   Lexie didn't really care about painting the pumpkin, she just wanted to play with the paint on the brush.  Whatever, she's 1.  I painted a little one with Bella's name on it too. :)  What can I say...she's my 4th kid, she needs a pumpkin too.


So we added a new addition to our family...we got a DOG! Can you believe it? We finally, after all these years, got a dog! Her name is Bella, and she is a 10 month old Boxer.  We love her already!  We got her about a week ago, and let me tell you, it's like I got another baby!!  She is such a lively, hyper dog...just like Lexie.  The kids just love her, especially Sydnee.  Sydnee's always been good with animals, and Bella loves it when Sydnee comes home, because she knows that Sydnee will give her all the undivided attention that she wants!  Bella is really good around Lexie too, which is something I had worried about before we got her.  Bella's house trained and everything too, so that was AWESOME! This dog is freakin strong too! She takes ME for walks...I feel like she's gonna pull my shoulder out of socket! Originally, we had planned to keep her outside, but we've found that if we let her be inside around us, she is much calmer!  Boxers like to be very social, so that's probably why we can control her better if she's been around us all day.  She follows me around and curls up on the floor at my feet wherever I am.  Secretly, I love it. hahahaha Anyway, here's to welcoming the newest Wheelus!

Sea World Howl O Scream

On October 15 we went to Sea World's Howl O Scream.  We took a fairy, Snow White and a Clone Trooper.  We usually go to the Howl O Scream every year, and the kids love it.  They get to wear their costumes, there are some special shows they put on for the Halloween holiday, and they have a Scare Street or whatever it's called where they have people dressed up in scary costumes and try to scare you.  Seriously, it always scares me! This year it scared Syd pretty bad too! HAHAHA! It was kinda funny, but then you get these idiot looks from other people that think you're a terrible parent for scaring your kids.  Oh well. Whatever.       Enjoy the pictures....

3 weeks of Football and Cheer

Football and Cheer have been going EXCELLENT!! Brian has scored 2 touchdowns, and he was SO CLOSE to getting one yesterday and some kid just barely got his flags.  Sydnee is also doing really well in Cheerleading.  She absolutely LOVES it, and will probably be starting Cheer/Gymnastics classes in the spring.  Here are some pics of the last few weeks....i will do my best to figure out how to post the 2 videos of Brian's touchdowns too.

Brian running in one of his touchdowns


my cutie mini-cheerleader!

Lexie and Bella

Oct 1, 2010

The KINDY 500

Sydnee had to build a car or transportation vehicle this past week for the Kindy 500 at school.  I guess they've been learning all about transportation, so this was a fun way for the teachers to tie that in.  They got to take their cars to school this morning and have a parade and "race." Sydnee's car was pink and black with butterflies and flowers.  What's more appropriate for Syd than that??!  She had fun, and it was good to see her use her imagination to give us ideas.  

House decor

I've been adding little touches of decor to the house this past week.  I ordered some AMAZING vinyl off of Etsy and it turned out super cute.  I got some modern poppies for my downstairs half bath, Brian's name and a snowboarder for his wall, and some snowboard action vinyl for Brian's wall as well.   A little here, a little house is beginning to feel like my very own.  I love it! 

Flag Football and Cheerleading

Brian and Sydnee have joined a new league this year that does Flag Football and Cheerleading.  I love it! Practice and games are on the SAME day...for a mom of 3 with a husband who's gone all the time, it's so great to have 1 day a week for sports.  They are both LOVING it!! Brian has a talent that we just discovered...he's awesome!! He can throw like a pro and his kicking is amazing.  Check out the pic where he is kicking can barely see the ball in the top left corner! His team is called the TEXANS.  Sydnee is having so much fun cheering...I thought she would be nervous, but she does great! We are thinking of putting her in some tumbling/cheer classes outside of this as well.  This was their 2nd week playing/cheering, so be sure to look for more pics to come throughout October!