Oct 17, 2010


So we added a new addition to our family...we got a DOG! Can you believe it? We finally, after all these years, got a dog! Her name is Bella, and she is a 10 month old Boxer.  We love her already!  We got her about a week ago, and let me tell you, it's like I got another baby!!  She is such a lively, hyper dog...just like Lexie.  The kids just love her, especially Sydnee.  Sydnee's always been good with animals, and Bella loves it when Sydnee comes home, because she knows that Sydnee will give her all the undivided attention that she wants!  Bella is really good around Lexie too, which is something I had worried about before we got her.  Bella's house trained and everything too, so that was AWESOME! This dog is freakin strong too! She takes ME for walks...I feel like she's gonna pull my shoulder out of socket! Originally, we had planned to keep her outside, but we've found that if we let her be inside around us, she is much calmer!  Boxers like to be very social, so that's probably why we can control her better if she's been around us all day.  She follows me around and curls up on the floor at my feet wherever I am.  Secretly, I love it. hahahaha Anyway, here's to welcoming the newest Wheelus!


Bryn said...

She's beautiful!! What a great addition. She's at the perfect age for you to start training her.