Sep 20, 2010

Utah- September 11, 2010 Leaving day

Ugh- I hate leaving day.  It puts me in a foul mood, because, even though I missed my kids and Matt terribly, I never want to go home.  I want to move us up closer! It's so hard to be away from the ones I love.  I hate missing parties, birthdays, lunches, holidays, etc...etc....  Ok, enough pity party. I don't live in Utah, I will get over it in a bit.  On our last day, my plane didn't leave until 430, so we had all morning to hang out! We went to Kylie's soccer game in the morning, and it was soooo funny!!  Ky at one point was watching a butterfly, putting the cones on her head, and chasing her shadow. HAHAHAH! I love kiddie soccer- it's hilarious!  

Utah- September 10, 2010

On September 10, I was soo lucky to have the privilege of freezing corn with the fam.  I have never done corn before, and let me tell you, it's a process! 30 dozen ears of corn later and we were DONE! :) Also on the 10th, we had Easton's baby blessing at my grandparent's home.  My dad performed the blessing and Mike, Grandpa Dave, and the Bishop were in the circle.  It was so fun to be there for such a special blessing and I wish Ellie and Ash were there too.  

Forgive my GIANT coat- i had to borrow one b/c I was so cold!
Amy's as yellow as the corn! I love it!

Utah- September 8, 2010

On Sept.8th, we had my great-grandma katie, and aunt chris up for lunch for my mom's birthday.  We ordered Chinese, took pictures, and chatted.  Lexie also fed the cows quite a few times with my grandpa Dave.  They would pick up the pears off the ground under the pear trees and threw them over the fence to the cows...I don't know who loved it more- Lex or the cows! I'm so glad she was buddies with the guys this time! That evening we wend to Layton Park and got together with our relatives on my dad's side.  We always have a good time with them- we missed all those who weren't there!

Utah-September 7, 2010

Sept. 7th was kind of just a hang out day, so here are some random pics! 

Utah-September 6, 2010

My mom's birthday is September 9th, but we celebrated all week! On Sept 6th, we went out to Texas Roadhouse for her dinner, then had a YUMMY Sam's chocolate cake and GIFT back at the house.  This year my sisters, amy, and grandma/grandpa all went in on a PINK KAYAK for my mom.  She was very spoiled this year! She got the kayak, 2 horses, and a new 4 wheeler! Ah, the joys of having no kids living at home (or I guess just 1)!! Anyway, she was totally surprised by the kayak from us, but she put the card in the way right as i took the pic!  

Dad and mom wrestling Lex at the Roadhouse
mom's cake--- SO GOOD!
She's saying "NO WAY!" in this pic
I think she was excited!

Utah- September 4, 2010

On Sept 4, we went up to my grandparents ranch to hang out with some of our family that were having a campout up there for the weekend.  Lexie loved my cousin, Todd's, dog. It was a HUGE german shepherd that was way bigger than her.  I think she may have wanted to ride him....
Lexie and Jill chillin
Grandpa Dave and Lex- they were buds this trip
Lexie and Toby

Utah- Sept 3rd continued

So after being at the hospital from 230pm until 7pm, then back again at 10pm(on the 2nd of Sept)...Ellie and I left about 6am on the 3rd and guess what? Little miss Alexa decided to get up at 730! Nice, real nice.  We went back to the hospital to see Kate about 5pm...