Jun 20, 2010

Our new car

Sooo....matt had a little accident, and totalled his car.  It actually worked out good for me, because I got a new one! Well, it's not new, but it's new to us! I LOVE IT! It's a chevy suburban, and it's GIGANTIC!! It has nice leather seats, captains chairs in the middle instead of a bench, tons of room, and...the best of all...a DVD player! My kids love, love, love it! Even the girls- who hate the car- love getting into the suburban now! Just in time for our 26+ hour road trip to Utah! 

Sydnee's pre-birthday Birthday Party

Yes, I know when my daughter's birthday is.  It's July 16th.  However, we will be gone to Utah/Idaho for the whole month of July, so we decided to have a little party to celebrate with our family that is in here in town.  Sydnee loves anything princess, so we decorated with the princess theme, had fruit, chips and popcorn (sydnee LOVES popcorn and requested it for her party), and cake and ice cream.  The cake for this party was a pink and purple castle to go along with her theme.  She got lots of money this year too to put towards her Disneyland fund.  We told the kids that if they saved $500 each we could go to Disneyland.  She's only got $400 to go! :)  Brian got her the new Alice in Wonderland movie, and it's her FAVORITE! Yes, she is a crazy girl.  and I can't believe she's almost 5 already! Yikes! Time flies by so fast! Before I know it this girl will be in college....stop, time, or at least slow down a little.....

Brian's last week of school

Brian's last week of school was a fun filled extravaganza! ;)  They had a field day, a bike rodeo, the kindergarten graduation and a carnival.  Seriously, I can't believe that Brian has already finished kindergarten.  I can barely remember him being a baby! Sad! He is such a smarty pants, and is reading EVERYTHING!  We're still working on the "keep your hands to yourself" bit, but hopefully he will learn. Eventually.  Before he's in college.   Brian had a really great teacher for the last month and a half of school. Since we moved, obviously he was in a new school.  Her name is Ms Patrick, and I'm really hoping Sydnee will get her next year.  I love this new school! It's WAY smaller than the one we came from, and so much more friendly and personable. Everyone knows everyone, and I love that.  HE RIDES A BUS!!  For those of you who didn't already know, when we were living in our Scenic Oaks house, I would drive Brian and Sydnee to their schools back on the other side of town. This totalled to 3 hours in the car everyday to just drive to school!  Needless to say, we were SICK of the car.  Living in our new house, Brian just walks right up the street 1 minute to the bus stop. I LOVE BUS STOPS! :)
Anyway, everyday that week, the girls and I loaded up in the car and went over to Brian's school to enjoy the fun.   I can't believe Sydnee will be doing this later this year too.  AH!

Port Aransas- our annual beach trip!

Every year we love to go down to Port Aransas (on the Texas Gulf Coast) and stay for the weekend.  We stay at an awesome hotel called Port Royal.  They are beach condos with kitchens and bedrooms and all that jazz.  The kids love it, I love it, we always have a great time.  Matt's parents and his brother and fiancee came with us this year.  The kids were in heaven with all the swimming and outside time.  Most of my pictures are actually of Lexie, because the kids couldn't be bothered to stay still for a minute for a picture!  Lexie loved it too! She is definitely an outdoors kind of girl- she didn't ever want to come in! This year the kids were really into learning to boogie board and ride the waves.  Lexie HATED the seaweed, which seemed to be VERY ABUNDANT this year....we made a little seaweed barrier around our "spot" on the beach and she stayed right within that barrier.  No worries for me! She loved lounging on the nemo bench and building sand castles.  The pool was more to her liking than the ocean.  Enjoy the smattering of pictures from our fun on the beach.....