Jun 20, 2010

Brian's last week of school

Brian's last week of school was a fun filled extravaganza! ;)  They had a field day, a bike rodeo, the kindergarten graduation and a carnival.  Seriously, I can't believe that Brian has already finished kindergarten.  I can barely remember him being a baby! Sad! He is such a smarty pants, and is reading EVERYTHING!  We're still working on the "keep your hands to yourself" bit, but hopefully he will learn. Eventually.  Before he's in college.   Brian had a really great teacher for the last month and a half of school. Since we moved, obviously he was in a new school.  Her name is Ms Patrick, and I'm really hoping Sydnee will get her next year.  I love this new school! It's WAY smaller than the one we came from, and so much more friendly and personable. Everyone knows everyone, and I love that.  HE RIDES A BUS!!  For those of you who didn't already know, when we were living in our Scenic Oaks house, I would drive Brian and Sydnee to their schools back on the other side of town. This totalled to 3 hours in the car everyday to just drive to school!  Needless to say, we were SICK of the car.  Living in our new house, Brian just walks right up the street 1 minute to the bus stop. I LOVE BUS STOPS! :)
Anyway, everyday that week, the girls and I loaded up in the car and went over to Brian's school to enjoy the fun.   I can't believe Sydnee will be doing this later this year too.  AH!


Brittany said...

What a fun school! I love bus stops too! Both of my older kids will be riding the bus next year. YAY! I remember when Bri was a baby too--man these kids gotta stop growing!!!