Oct 26, 2009


Lexie's already all over and into everyone's stuff! Here's what I found on Sunday morning before church....(they try to be good sports, but sometimes it gets ugly when she really won't leave them alone! we won't show pictures of that)

8 months old

I know I say this all the time, but where does time go?  It seems to pass me by faster every day.  I truly cannot believe that October is nearly over.  It feels like it just started!  It will be matt's 30th (yikes!) birthday soon, thanksgiving, brian's birthday, MOVING time, and then Christmas.  WOW!  Ok, I got off track- the reason for this post is because my baby is 8 months old tomorrow!  Holy cow!  She is doing soooo well!  Very active and interested in everything around her.  She craws so fast and minute she's across the room, and the next minute she's at your feet-and you didn't even know she was coming!  :) Lexie is already standing up to the furniture, and yesterday she even started to let go and try to stand alone.  NOOOOO!!!  NO STANDING ALONE-NO WALKING YET! STAY A BABY!!  Ok, sorry for my outburst, but it breaks my heart that she is moving through these milestones so stinkin fast!  Lexie LOVES to climb up to things, and destroy whatever Brian and Sydnee are making, or get into their stuff.  It's so funny how she just wants to play with them SO BAD! She also loves to dance to music and shakes her little bum when music comes on.  This past week we spent some time outside in the wonderfully cooler temperatures and sunshine. I took her on the trampoline for the first time with Brian and Sydnee. She LOVED it!   She was crawling all around, and loved it when Brian or Sydnee did tricks.  Lexie is such a little ball of sunshine and brings so much joy to my life!  

My smily girl

She thinks she's really big now that she can move between the ottoman and couch!

Brian and Sydnee playing "dead man". it's so funny-they remember this game that Ashtyn and Daidre (cousins) taught them when we were in Utah in June. 

Church trunk or treat

Wow- I am a terrible mother!  It seems all these pictures before the trunk or treat are of me! LOL!  well, the girls are in here too....we had a trunk or treat at the church (also on Saturday!), and Matt was still sick, so I was running around with all the kids instead of taking pictures of them.  Yeah-i don't like that too much! HA!  Anyway, rest assured, we have Sydnee's school party this coming up Friday and, of course, ACTUAL Halloween on Saturday- so you will get to see more pics of the kids.  But for now...enjoy my witchiness! 

more from the orchards...

OOPS! Here's a few I forgot from our trip to the orchards!  Nicole brought her awesome camera and she took all the ones from the previous post.  (It really helped too, because Matt was sick, and Lexie wanted me to hold her the whole time-so it was WONDERFUL for Nicole to be in charge of pictures!) Thanks Nicole!!  I did capture a couple, and here they are....

Sydnee chatting with Michelle (nicole's FUN mom!) and Nicole

The kids painting their pumpkins

My cutie longhorn baby!

Oct 25, 2009


On Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Medina to Love Creek Orchards. Nicole and her mom came with us too! They had lots of fun stuff for the kids to do--pumpkin patch and painting, face painting, pony rides, hay rides, petting zoo, food, etc!  We had never been before, but I see it being a tradition!  We got the kids on this GIANT longhorn, and they were good at first, but the cow started moving and wanting to lay down-the kids were screaming bloody murder and freaking out cause they thought he was gonna take off! hahahahah! anyway, he laid down and we got our picture.  As you can tell, not everyone is happy in the picture!  Matt was pretty sick too- so he was a good sport to come with us, and still smile for pictures.  

Oct 21, 2009

We love our Longhorns!

A much known fact- we love the UT longhorns!  Every GAME DAY in the fall- we are dressed to the nines in our Longhorn gear.  We watch every game.  WE JUST LOVE IT! Here are a few pics of us being crazy and having fun...oh and the last one is one I snapped of Matt and Charlie when they were watching the game--are they father and son or what?? Hahahaha!

Halloween teaser...

Don't worry- there will be many more pictures of these little cuties I found around my house...

Sea World Howl-O-Scream!

On Friday night, we went to Sea World's annual Howl-O-Scream.  We've been a couple years in a row now, and the kids always have a great time.  They have halloween decorations, skeletons, VERY scary people (who are meant to jump out and scare you!) and fun halloween shows.  This year we went to a fun Sesame Street show with the Count, Abby, Elmo, Big Bird, and Telly from the show.  ALL the kids LOVED it! We also saw Shamu's special halloween show which the kids also loved, of course, because who doesn't love Shamu?  

Oct 6, 2009

Family birthday party

This past Sunday, we got together with the rest of the Wheelus fam to celebrate 4 birthdays!  There was David, Nanny, Jackie and Sharon (granny).   We ate pizza and I made a Texas Sheet Cake.  The kids had a fun time playing with the babies-Lexie and Max (max turns one this month!).  I can't believe how fast the babies are growing up.   I don't know about anyone else, but Papa was on my mind as we celebrated together.  It wasn't a sad feeling really, but a feeling of peace that life goes on, and he is for sure in a better place now.  

October already??

My my, where did September go?  Really, I can't believe how fast it flew by. Now it's October.  Time for Fall, pumpkins, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving and almost CHRISTMAS!  It's almost unbelievable how full our October weekends are already!  Just a little tidbit--this coming up Saturday we have on our schedule:  dance, soccer, 2 bday parties back to back, and dinner out with the Wheelus family!  I'm tired already.  We will be going to Fiesta TX and Sea World's Halloween displays this month too! start our October, Sharon gave the kids these little pumpkins that had outlines of faces on them and they came with paint to paint in the face.  So cute! The kids had a great time painting their pumpkins for FHE one night.   

Fiesta Texas Family Day

On the 26th of September, Sharon's work had it's annual Fiesta Texas Family Day. They close down the park for Valero employees and their guests. They provide lunch, game tickets, free snacks throughout the park-and this year they even gave each of us a pass to return to the park between now and Nov 22nd!  This is our 3rd year going, and we love it!  The kids have a great time playing games (free!) and riding rides.  Coincidentally, there was also a UT game that day as well that matt just happened to get tickets to.  He got them last year too, and he and I went up to the game.  This year I let Brian take my place-boo hoo!!  I was SAD!!  But the boys had fun!  

NOTE* there is a special story behind the photo of matt and I on the SCREAM ride.....ok.....sooo.....we get all hooked in (notice matt looks like he doesn't want to be there-i had to MAKE him ride) anyway...let me explain the ride first- it SHOOTS you up really fast, then you bounce up and down for a while, stop at the top, and "fall" down to the bottom. WELL...after we shoot up to the top, I look down and notice my fun little seatbelt has come UNDONE!! I can't explain to you the absolute TERROR I felt when that happened! It's an awful-unbelievable feeling thinking you may die. I was screaming to matt and totally freaking out- he was like "buckle it back up!!" (no duh sherlock-thanks for the help.) I'm wondering what in the heck is going to happen when we FALL down and if the belt comes undone and my seat restraint flies up-what in the heck do I do??? So I buckle up, grab anything I can get a hold of, and we FALL down! Luckily, I'm alive and after talking with the attendant --apparently, the seat belt has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SAFETY OF THE SEAT! Interesting....