Oct 26, 2009

8 months old

I know I say this all the time, but where does time go?  It seems to pass me by faster every day.  I truly cannot believe that October is nearly over.  It feels like it just started!  It will be matt's 30th (yikes!) birthday soon, thanksgiving, brian's birthday, MOVING time, and then Christmas.  WOW!  Ok, I got off track- the reason for this post is because my baby is 8 months old tomorrow!  Holy cow!  She is doing soooo well!  Very active and interested in everything around her.  She craws so fast and minute she's across the room, and the next minute she's at your feet-and you didn't even know she was coming!  :) Lexie is already standing up to the furniture, and yesterday she even started to let go and try to stand alone.  NOOOOO!!!  NO STANDING ALONE-NO WALKING YET! STAY A BABY!!  Ok, sorry for my outburst, but it breaks my heart that she is moving through these milestones so stinkin fast!  Lexie LOVES to climb up to things, and destroy whatever Brian and Sydnee are making, or get into their stuff.  It's so funny how she just wants to play with them SO BAD! She also loves to dance to music and shakes her little bum when music comes on.  This past week we spent some time outside in the wonderfully cooler temperatures and sunshine. I took her on the trampoline for the first time with Brian and Sydnee. She LOVED it!   She was crawling all around, and loved it when Brian or Sydnee did tricks.  Lexie is such a little ball of sunshine and brings so much joy to my life!  

My smily girl

She thinks she's really big now that she can move between the ottoman and couch!

Brian and Sydnee playing "dead man". it's so funny-they remember this game that Ashtyn and Daidre (cousins) taught them when we were in Utah in June.