Oct 30, 2011

Red Ribbon Week Oct 24-28

The kids had Red Ribbon week at school this past week. They loved it, because they got to "dress up" everyday.  The themes for the days were:

Monday- silly sock day
Tuesday- college shirt day
Wednesday- western wear
Thursday- camo day
Friday- career day (Sydnee was a Fashion Designer , Brian was an Architect)

I can't remember the significance of each days themes, but there was some nifty little saying for each the western day one was "give drugs the boot!" or something like that.  Anyway, the kids had a great time.

Comal County Fair and Parade

A few weeks ago we got to participate in the Comal County Parade with Matt's work.  The hospital had a float which the employees and their families got to ride on in the Parade.  Matt works for the cardiovascular department, so the float was titled "The Heart of New Braunfels." Quite a nice play on words. ;) They did a great job on the float, and the kids had a great time riding and waving on it.  After the parade, we went over to the Fair, which was SO fun!  We parked for free (yay), got in for free (yay, YAY!), do a bunch of stuff, and had a GREAT time!  The kids got to pet a ton of animals, make pictures, got to make wooden bug catchers, and go to all the fun booths.  It was a decent weathered day- not TOO hot.  We got cotton candy and icees!  I love fairs, and I love that my kids love them too!