May 11, 2011


I'm FINALLY caught up!! Just in time for the end of the school year stuff and.....wait for it.....our trips to UTAH and IDAHO.  You just wait and see how stinkin many posts THAT is! Oh and matt and I are doing a Beach to Bay marathon relay next weekend....I know you are just sitting on the edge of your keyboards waiting to see what's happening in our lives.  HAHAHAHA! Thanks for reading!!

May 4- Field day at school

It's that time of year for end of the year activities! Field day was on May 4.  Brian and Sydnee got to be on teams in their classes and go through TONS of obstacle courses for 2 1/2 hrs! I didn't stay the whole time, because miss Lexie was being a pain. (not that I blame her though, she just wanted to participate too!) Anyway, here are some pictures of the kids doing their thing!

April 30- RACE for the CURE

Saturday, April 30th,  we participated in the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Yay! Every year, my family runs in memory of a dear friend, Allison, who lost her long battle with breast cancer.  I put a little team together, made some matching shirts, and we walked/ran/sweated for the Cure.  hahahaha!  It was actually really fun to have a team (even if it wasn't my family girls ) and do something for a good cause.  Next year we are going ALL out with our outfits and I hope there's not sooo many other conflicts that day, so I can have a bigger team. 

EASTER- morning, hunts and dinner!

Easter morning was the usual Sunday craziness, except we need to throw in basket findings, egg hunts and family pictures. BEFORE church. :) The kids, of course, were SO excited and could hardly contain themselves...especially when we gave Lexie a 5 minute head start on the egg hunt.  lexie actually turned out to be the best egg finder!! She was talking about "finding another egg" for weeks afterward! HAHAHA! Charles and Sharon came over and went to Sacrament meeting with us, and then we went over to their house for another egg hunt and dinner.  I love telling my kids the story of why we have Easter, and what it REALLY means amongst the bunnies, chocolate, baskets and eggs.  I am so thankful to have these children, and hope the Savior thinks I'm doing and OK job trying to teach them of Christ and His plan for us. 

April 23-dyeing eggs and making food....

When we got home from camping on Saturday afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs, made potato salad, deviled eggs, and sugar cookies.  (all the food was for Sunday's dinner)  Lexie fell asleep on the couch and didn't dye any eggs. I think camping totally wore her out. 

Ward Campout at Paradise Canyon Apr 22-23

The ward campout this year was over Easter Weekend.  We don't usually go to these things, but this year we decided Lex was old enough and we would brave camping in Texas. :)  Nicole, Ryan and Rock came along too.  We actually had a really great time!  We went up Friday afternoon, set up camp while the kids played in the river, roasted dinner on the fire, had a ward devotional, roasted marshmallows, and then made it into bed around 11pm. Yikes!  Sleeping was not so great because it was SO humid and hot.  Seriously- we needed it to be about 15 degrees cooler or have a stronger wind, but overall not TOO bad.  The men were up early the next morning to cook the ward breakfast. Early as in 615 AM.  Holy cow. Too too TOO early for me when I'm camping.  Anyway, we ate breakfast and hid Easter eggs for all the kids to find.  The kids did their egg hunt, and then we played around for a few more hours before we packed up and left.  It was actually a great weekend!  When we got home...we had SO much more to do, soooo...stay tuned!!