Jun 23, 2009

more sea world I decided to venture out to Sea World with the kids.  I survived! YAY!  I was all alone with all 3, and I was really nervous!  But we did it--all without anyone getting lost, having a tantrum, or getting burnt!  It wasn't all how sydnee had to go to the bathroom a zillion times, and I had to strategically place myself so that I could see the bathroom door AND the sleeping baby in the stroller at the same time....all while not losing anyone or getting our stuff stolen.  Success! We did have fun, and now we're exhausted!! 

impromptu photo fun

Lexie was looking so cute, and being so funny that I decided to snap a couple pics! Of course, the older two couldn't be left out of any pics!! HAHAHA!  Look how big my baby girl is now!!  I love this funny thing she's doing with her tongue! So CUTE!

Jun 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my husband, dad, father-in-law, and grandfathers!!  I love you all and am so grateful you are all in my life! My kids look up to you, and so do I!  Here's to you!

Sea World

Last tuesday matt took the day off (we had just gotten home from our 28 hr drive!) and took Brian and Sydnee to sea world to go swimming! This was their first time back at the pool this season, and, of course, they LOVED it!  Hopefully we will be able to go at least once a week this year....but I'm nervous about having 3 kids to look after all by myself! 

Jun 20, 2009

Cunningham Party (June 13,2009)

On Saturday, June 13, we had the annual Cunningham summer picnic---I am so glad I got to be there with my grandma Katie!! I just love her, and she is such a wonderful example to me!  She is actually my GREAT-grandma, so that makes her my kids' GREAT-GREAT grandma.  How cool is that to still have GREAT GREAT grandmas around?!?!  I LOVE IT!  Here are a ton of pictures from the party--again, we missed Kate, Derrick, and Kylie SO MUCH!   

This is our cousin, Payson, carrying Sydnee.  They just love each other!  It's so cute!

Sydnee and Payson

The Noland girls- minus Kate. 

My aunt and uncles and I...Amy, Kyle, Me, Rob

My momma and me

Lexie girl just chillin

Grandma Sheryl, Lexie, and Ash

Megan and I

Grandpa Dave and I

"Auntie" Angie and I

Ellie and Dad (aren't they so cute?!?!)

Ash and Matt

Dad and I

Grandma Katie and her youngest great-great grandaughter-LEXIE.  Funny, I have both the youngest AND oldest of her great-great grandchildren right now. HAHAHA!

Grandma Katie and the babies

The "Dave" cunningham granddaughters--minus Kate and Kylie and Ashtyn, oh and I don't know where Syd was for this pic...probably with Payson somewhere!

Only some of the GIANT Cunningham clan!

5 generations in this picture!!

Anthony's Wedding (June 12th, 2009)

Another wedding! YAY!! On June 12th, my other cousin, Anthony, got married!  In the morning, Mom, Dad, Matt and I went to the Bountiful temple to see Anthony and Nikki get sealed.  What a wonderful way to start the day--the ceremony was beautiful!! I loved all the things their sealer said!  It was my first sealing too, so that was even more fun!  That night we went down to the reception, and partied the night away! hahahahahah! just kidding-kinda.  we stayed late--10pm (with all the kids mind you! yikes)  But we were all having so much fun we didn't want to leave!  There was dancing, and BOY DID WE DANCE!! hahahahah I will try to post a video, because it's awesome! LOL!  Sydnee wore her flower girl dress from the night before, and I don't believe she left the dance floor the whole night--except maybe to get some grapes! ;)  We had a great time, and were so happy to be a part of that also.

Matt and I at the temple!

This is how we feel about life these days--CRAZY

Matt and I chillin on the sidelines

Me and my babes!

Lexie didn't really know what to think in there--it was dark so her eyes are all big! I love it!

My dad, Brian and Sydnee before we left for the reception

Ellie and Lexie at the reception

Brian and Sean (my uncle Ben's son)

Brian waiting for the garter toss

Ash and Brian

Chelsy's WEDDING!! (June 11, 2009)

Yay!  Chelsy got married!!  We got to stay up north a little while longer so we could go to the wedding.  I am so glad we did-- we got to see lots of family, especially grandma sheryl and grandpa dave who came down from their MISSION in Canada to be at the wedding!!  That was awesome!! I miss them so much, and I'm so glad they got to see my kids!  Sydnee was the flower girl in the wedding, and she did better than I thought! I thought she would for sure burst into tears when she saw the big audience, but she did great--she just forgot to toss the petals!! HAHAHA! oh well!  Chelsy was, of course, beautiful! For the reception, they had cupcakes and ice cream! Gotta love that!  I'm so happy I got to be there to see her and Austin get married--however, we were missing my sister, Kate, her husband, Derrick, and their daughter, Kylie who couldn't come over from Alabama.  We missed them SOOOO much.  

Chelsy and I before the ceremony--a little teary!

My crazy kids in the line

Sydnee and the bridesmaids during the ceremony

Matt and I at the reception

My favorite 2nd cousin-STEPHANIE!! I love this girl and I don't see her near as often as I'd like

Do you see the HEAD behind us?!?!  Well, that's Kyle being a dork!! He did that for like 3 pictures! hahahaha  Oh yeah--these are 2 of my sisters.

The flower girl and I

My wonderful Grandma Katie and I!!

Chelsy, Lexie and I before the ceremony

Lexie trying to escape--she hated her dress, but she looked so cute!

All the ladies before the ceremony!

First dance....Chelsy and Austin

The Bride and her flower girl!

Chelsy and Lexie girl

Ashtyn (the brides sister) and Syders before the ceremony

The picture Ellie, Ash and I were trying to take---minus Kyle's head!! hahahahah

Look at these GORGEOUS ladies!! Sisters, of course! Megan and Chelsy