Sep 19, 2011

I finally did it.

Finally, finally, finally.  We've only been back a little over a month, but I was soooo behind on blogging.  Today I took 5 hours and did it ALL!  Holy cow! I feel so much better now that I'm caught up! We hope you enjoy reading our blog and come back often!

Are you ready for some football????

YEAH baby! Football season is here! Not only for Brian, but for UT, Dallas, Boise, Utah, and UTSA! We are totally TEXAS fans ALL.THE.WAY!  Every Saturday we get dressed in our Texas "clothes" and cheer on our favorite team.  So far, they are looking good.  Well, anything can look good compared to last season! :o  Here's to a great season, Longhorns.  Don't let me down! But if you do, that's ok, because I still love you anyway!!

Labor Day 2011

On Labor Day, Matt took the day off and we went down to the zoo and Japanese Tea Gardens.  It was nice to be together as a family! It was also nice that the weather FINALLY cooled down for once. It was so pleasant that morning, it was surprising!Of course, Zoo pics are pretty self explanatory. He He :) 


August 25, 2011- San Antonio ZOO

Since the big kids are back to school, Lexie and I are in need of fun things to do.  I've had a zoo pass for the past couple of years, but I find I am getting the most use out of it now.  Lexie LOVES to go to the zoo! Here's some of our fun times....

August 22, 2011- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

I can't believe it- I have a 1st and 2nd grader.  Weird. Seriously, weird.  The years have seemed to fly by. I can't bare to think of 8 more years from now when my oldest will be driving a CAR.  Yikes.  Ok, I will try not to have a panic attack about this post, and just put the pictures of them looking super cute on the first day of school. 

August 15, 2011 McKenna Childrens Museum

A while back I got a groupon for McKenna Childrens museum in New Braunfels.  I knew the kids would have a great time, so the week before school started, we headed up there. It was WAY smaller than the San Antonio Children's museum, but the kids really had fun. 

Port Aransas August 13-15

The weekend we got back from Utah/Idaho we took a trip down to the coast with Matt's parents.  We stayed at Port Royal, which we LOVE.  The kids barely ever got out of the ocean the whole time. They LOVED it.  Seriously- we went down to the ocean at 9am, came back to the room for lunch, went to the pool for 3 more hours, went back to the room for dinner and then went BACK down to the ocean.  That was just on Saturday! We also went to the ocean on Friday night and Sunday morning! I love that my kids love the ocean- I wouldn't have it any other way!