Sep 19, 2011

Bear Lake Summer 2011 [part 1]

On our trip this summer, we had the privilege of going to Bear Lake for a week with the WHOLE extended family.  That means my mom's parents, her 3 siblings, their spouses, *most* everyone's kids and THEIR kids.  Around 40 people or so on any given day.  Holy cow- that's a lot of people, but it was SO.MUCH.FUN! We went in celebration of my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.  50 years people- that is an accomplishment! They rented a cabin, we had a mini "tent city",  3 huge trailors and we got to be there for a whole week.  We rented jet skis, ate, laid out, swam, went on 4wheeler rides, ate, had fun fire nights, and ate some more.  Did I mention that we ate?  We seriously could've fed a 3rd world country for a month with the amount of food this crew went through. We also had a fun party for Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday night, complete with steak, cake and A SONG....written by my lovely mother and aunt, and sung by the grandkids.  The granddaughters sang it best!! ;)  It was so fun to be together, and I have the pictures to prove it.  Thank you grandma and grandpa for getting married, and starting this crazy, wonderful family of ours!! I am going to do a couple posts with pictures, so as not to overwhelm just one post with them.

Kate, Easton, and Ellie on night 1

Tent city

The David Cunningham family

Dishing up cake for the anniversary!

My dad and lexie

the REAL personality of the family!!


The girl cousins singing "Grandma's House"

Grandpa dave swinging the rope to Lex

Matt, Syd and Chelsy (with Austin in the background)

Kylie, Sydnee, Payson, and Zach painting rocks