May 31, 2009

Picnic at the Dam and some more swimming....

We went for another picnic on saturday! This time we went to Black Canyon Dam.  As you can probably tell, Lexie's having a great time! HA!  She loves her new Bumbo chair because she can sit up and see everything that's going on!  Look at those cheeks! After we ate, we went down by the water and threw some rocks in the water.  It was so hot outside and we REALLY wanted to jump in- but, of course, we couldn't.  The water is running way too fast and we could all be swept away in a second!  
The last two pics are from another swimming trip to the hot springs.  We got Lexie's float out and she loved that! 

May 26, 2009

3 months old!

This little babe turns 3 months old tomorrow! I can't even believe it!  She is getting so animated these days- talking and laughing at everyone.  She was being so cute at the mall yesterday that I had to snap some pics!  I love that grin!

Movie-river picnic-memorial day!

We had a busy weekend!  On Friday, we took the kids to see Night at the Museum 2.  It was so good!  I loved the first one too! It was Lexie's first time at the movie, and she loved it!  We put the girls in matching outfits that Aunt Amy gave them and they looked soooo cute! 
The girls also got in the tub together for the first time--it actually went well! HA!  Lexie loves the tub, and Sydnee kept making her laugh-what's not to like?! 
Lexie loves chocolate--enough said.
We took the kids on a picnic by the river in the mountains.  As you can see-the water was rushing pretty fast, so we didn't get in.  But it was still fun to just sit by it and watch it flow!  The kids also loved to throw rocks and sticks in.   Sydnee says the funniest things these days- and when we were talking about snakes and such, she says "I'm not scared of anyfing!!" hahahaha! yes, anyFING.  
The last pics are from Memorial Day yesterday. We have some relatives on my dads side that are buried up here--ones from the civil war time even!  It was nice to be able to go and visit their graves and leave some flowers.  

May 21, 2009

Swimming at the Hot Springs

Today mom and I took the kids over to the hot springs to go swimming. It was REALLY weird to be in warm water--kinda like a big outside tub.  The kids had a great time- even Lexie got in and had so much fun.  Lexie loves the tub, so this was really great for her!  Sydnee, of course, loved jumping off the side in the deep end! We are definately going to go back again before we go home.  

Smiley girl

Look at Lexie!  She's all sorts of smiles lately and I love it!  I hate how they grow up so fast- she's 12 weeks old tomorrow!  She's starting to get fun to play with now, stays awake longer, smiles and laughs, but alas, doesn't sleep through the night yet...we're working on that one!   When we took her to the dr last week she weighed 10lbs 8oz and was 22 and some inches long.  Growing big! 


I found 2 more pics from Utah that I forgot to add on in the earlier post--the 1st is of my Aunt Amy (my mom's sis) and I--I love her!!  the 2nd is of Lexie and Amy's birthday balloon that I bought...Lexie kind of stole it back cause she loved it so much! HA!
The last 2 pics are well....interesting....the kids were quiet for a while, and when Ashley yelled up the stairs to check on them they said they were "being creepy". WEELLLL....we were leaving to go and rent a movie and called them downstairs...weren't we surprised with what we saw! Kids-covered-in-marker!  Yikes!  I'll say that's creepy!  Sydnee had it all on her neck and arms too, you just can't see it in the picture.  Brian had his big toenail colored and all up his legs...nice. 

May 14, 2009

Chelsy's Bridal Shower

On May 13th we had a bridal shower for my cousin, Chelsy.  SO MUCH FUN!  I was the party planner- which we all know I love!  Her colors are black and champagne... I could only find white balloons, but the plates and other goodies had white on them also, so it kinda worked! We had fun wedding dress sugar cookies, bubbles, and heart shaped suckers that we gave as favors...we had advice cards, and a recipe book for people to write their favorite recipes on for Chelsy.   We did miss my grandma, who is in Canada on a mission, and my sister, Kate, who is in Alabama.  I had a super fun time planning this shower for Chelsy--maybe I should become a party planner!! HAHAHAHA!

Poor Baby

So, unfortunately, my little Lexie got sick the night we got here.  She was sick Saturday and Sunday--throwing up, fever, not eating, etc...finally on Sunday, when her fever got to 101.7 (YIKES!), we took her to an urgent care clinic here.  Mike, my uncle who is a fireman and EMT, went with my mom and I to take her.  It's a dang good thing he went with us, because they had to take blood and urine which was torture for my poor baby.  She cried and cried and I had to go out in the waiting room because I couldn't stand to hear her cry.   Turns out, she had a bad stomach bug she caught somewhere.  She's better now, but it scared us for a little bit.  Sick babies scare me!  
Here's Sydnee with Lexie after we got home.  Syd was so sad her sister had "hurts".  

ps...Lexie looks like a crazy in this pic-she's yawning, and it's kind of an up the nose shot and i have my hand behind her ear so it's poking out! HA! sorry baby!

Utah trip

We went to Utah last Friday the 8th to spend some time with family there, and to have a bridal shower for my cousin, Chelsy, who's getting married in June!  We had a great time! I just love my cousins, and love that THEY love my kids! How fun!

Sydnee and Jake playin outside

Saturday, the 8th, was the Race for the Cure in SLC--here are the racers!

Jake and my kiddos

The kids and Ashtyn--she was in a play so we went to watch it! The kids loved it and had a great time! Good job, Ash!

May 2, 2009


Yes, the girl has been on the horse again today....for like 2 hours dad walked Richard back and forth with Sydnee on the back.  She's getting pretty brave now- dad's teaching her tricks as you can see! Standing up on the saddle, riding sideways, riding backwards...and she loves it!  Brian, not wanting to be shown up by his "little" sister, got on and did some tricks as well.  Cuties!