May 26, 2009

Movie-river picnic-memorial day!

We had a busy weekend!  On Friday, we took the kids to see Night at the Museum 2.  It was so good!  I loved the first one too! It was Lexie's first time at the movie, and she loved it!  We put the girls in matching outfits that Aunt Amy gave them and they looked soooo cute! 
The girls also got in the tub together for the first time--it actually went well! HA!  Lexie loves the tub, and Sydnee kept making her laugh-what's not to like?! 
Lexie loves chocolate--enough said.
We took the kids on a picnic by the river in the mountains.  As you can see-the water was rushing pretty fast, so we didn't get in.  But it was still fun to just sit by it and watch it flow!  The kids also loved to throw rocks and sticks in.   Sydnee says the funniest things these days- and when we were talking about snakes and such, she says "I'm not scared of anyfing!!" hahahaha! yes, anyFING.  
The last pics are from Memorial Day yesterday. We have some relatives on my dads side that are buried up here--ones from the civil war time even!  It was nice to be able to go and visit their graves and leave some flowers.  


clarkefam said...

what a fun weekend. those girlies sure are cute matching. i love that! sydnee is the cutest thing, i love the funny things toddlers say. i'll have to take my kids to that movie. we laugh in the preview!