Mar 29, 2011

St Patrick's Day 2011

This year St Patrick's Day fell during Spring Break.  Yay!  We spent the day being "green!" We had green frosted cinnamon bites for breakfast, made green jello shamrocks, got dressed in our green shirts, made shamrock pretzels, and had so much fun!  I love love love St Patricks Day! Of course, we had to get a ton of pictures too. 

Mar 6, 2011

Basketball is over...

Brian's basketball season seemed to FLY by!  He had a great coach and a tiny little team.  We were lucky if we had 4 kids there to play!  All in all, I think the boys had a good time, and Brian really learned a lot.  You could totally see their improvement from game 1 to game 8.  I love that Brian has such an interest in sports and is ready to try everything.  After the boys last game, we went to Beefy's Backyard to eat, hand out team medals and chat for a bit while the kids played.  We didn't get very many good pictures during basketball season...the lighting was not really very good, ever.  I think I posted all the good ones we had already, but here is one and then the rest are from Beefy's. We are starting a new flag football and cheerleading season in 2 weeks, and we are SUPER excited about that!  

Lexie is 2!

February 27th...Lexie turned 2!  She had a Dora party which she was VERY excited about for MONTHS before!  At Christmas time she was talking about her Dora party.  hahahaha!  We had Dora cupcakes, dora plates, dora balloons, etc...etc... Dora was all over our house.  She loved it!  

Lexie is soooo energetic and funny.  She keeps our house so alive!  She has been potty trained for about a month now, which is AWESOME!  She loves Dora (obviously), coloring, playing outside and her brother and sister.  She is so sweet, and is very concerned for others.  She is so loud and talkative--she will say anything! I love love love my little Lexie-lou and am so happy I have the privilege of being home with her everyday. I could not ask for more.