Aug 26, 2012

School starts tomorrow..HOMEschool that is....

Yes, friends, you read that title right.  I am attempting homeschooling Brian and Sydnee.  Tomorrow...for the school YEAR.... oh dear, what have I got myself into??  I am nervous, excited, scared, frustrated, joyful all wrapped into one.  You may be wondering how I came to this conclusion.  I will tell you!  Well, being WAY behind on my blogging...I've yet to blog about almost this entire YEAR! We moved! To Las Vegas! In January! Yikety yikes.  It's been quite the adjustment for all of us.  I was really unimpressed with the kids school here...not a bad experience per say, just not "up to my standards." Anyway, I've been feeling lately that homeschooling might be the answer for my kids for a year or two, or more, who knows.  I tried pushing that "still small voice" away...far far away.  We all know I love my free time to just  I love to run, shop, be alone, have quiet time, this is going to be huge to have ALL the kids, ALL the time.  I know I CAN do it- that's not the thing. I just don't know if I WANT to do it! HAHA!  For the kids sake, I will give it a go and see how things workout.  I want the best for them, as all mothers do, and I feel that if I ignore this prompting, I will come to regret it.  So here we's to a year of having LOTS of quality time together! :)

Aug 22, 2012


I have not blogged in FOREVER!! However, I really want to win some stuff over at Dandy Giveaway, and this will give me more entries! HAHAHA!  
Go check out for some fun giveaways!! and pray that I win! LOL!

i promise- i will get back to blogging...eventually.....