Jan 20, 2008

Some cute ones....

EARLY morning day after Christmas shopping--we had to JAMBA for energy!!
Jake and the kiddies
At the Gateway Center

At the cabin....

Gary and Sue's cabin in the mountains
My little tubin babies--they had so much fun!
There was so much snow, we just had to sit and rest!
My silly sister, Kate
Derrick, Kate, me and Matt. We loved having another couple to PLAY with! HAHAHAHA

The Planetarium at The Gateway in Salt Lake


Dad and I
Elle and me being silly--we had so much fun!
Me and uncle kyle--GO GREEN BAY!
Matt and I on New Years Eve
My grandma and grandpa on New Years Eve

More Fire pics

On the truck
Awww--we love uncle mike!

At the Fire Station

Uncle Mike and Brian--the fire truck driver!
Bri ready to fight a fire
hanging off the truck....
On the ambulance
We're so high in the bucket on the ladder! It was so cool!

Grandma Katie's House

Sydnee and my GREAT-GRANDMA Katie.
The kiddies with gma katie
At the Cunningham party--I love this lady!
We have 5 generations here--my great grandma, my grandpa, my mom, me and my kiddies!
Sydnee and her 2nd cousins- Megan, Chelsy, and Ashtyn
Hello again! i know, i know, it's been forever....but i've been busy! We were gone for 3 super fun weeks to utah==where there was NO shortage of snow, by the way! We were so sad to leave our awesome family up there, but the kids were ready to get home and back to normal life. I will post the pics with a little caption, but sorry--there's no way i can describe them all! And by the way, I took over 400 pics- so this is just a TINY taste! hahahahahahaha

Snow Babies
This is a snow shrek and donkey someone MADE! AWESOME!
I think there is enough snow!
Seeing the lights at Temple Square
Sydnee and I freezing to death!

San Antonio Trolley
Westin Downtown
Christmas Morning *SA*
Christmas Morning *UT*
3 Troublemakers