Nov 1, 2011

Halloween weekend 2011

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Oh MY! It seems like Halloween came upon us really quickly this year.  We were so so busy this weekend too, I felt a bit crazy.  We did LOTS of fun things!  On Friday, Brian had a birthday party from 4-6, the big kids had a Halloween party at 5, and Matt, Lexie, and I met his parents for dinner.  Note- it was their first "official" Halloween party! We dropped them off, hoping for best behavior, and picked them up a few hours later. Thank you to AMY for hosting!! :) On Saturday we went to Devine Acres. It is a great place! They had TONS of stuff to do there. Some of the things the kids did were: painting pumpkins, mining for rocks, hay rides, fishing, tin cup golf, a few mazes, petting animals, etc.  It was awesome. We will definitely be going back! They also grow Christmas trees and have fun stuff at Christmas time.  We were there for quite a while.  We ran a few errands and then rushed home to get ready for the Church Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat.  This year our kids were Harry Potter, Herimione, and Alice (from Wonderland). Matt was Dracula, and I was a kitty.  The kids had so much fun at the Fall Festival....lots of little stations with games and prizes, candy, chili dinner, candy, candy, candy. Did I mention there was candy?  One of these years I am going to get with it and actually decorate the trunk to look cool, but we were just too overwhelmed this weekend!  Monday, of course, was Halloween, so the kids got dressed up, AGAIN, and headed out to trick or treat in the neighborhood.  I'd say we have enough candy to feed a small country.  Or make their teeth rot out of their heads for sure.  Whatever, it's once a year! :)