Apr 29, 2008


WE LOVE THE SPURS!! Today we are festive= hoping they can wrap it up tonight! GO SPURS!

King William Fair--FIESTA

yes- we were VERY brave and ventured downtown on saturday for the King William Fair and Parade. It was actually pretty fun, and the kids had a great time looking at all the frieks in the parade! LOL!! one of the rides in the kids area was ponies, and they definately had to do that!

Sydnee and her pony--by the way she acted on it, you really would thing she was a princess!

Brian on his--he loved it too!

Sydnee catching a ride!

Canyon Lake

So last Friday Matt had a day off--WOW!-- and we decided to take a picnic to canyon lake. it was so cool! there were lots of picnic tables set up by the lake and there was even a little rock beach. it will definately be a neat place to go in the summer. as you can see, it was a cloudy-overcast day, so we didn't venture into the water. but we still had fun all being together!

Our little picnic

Me on the shore picking up sea shells

the kids by the lake

rental car

Hey- so some idiot ran into the driver side door of the van- AT A STOP SIGN!! and he was uninsured--so we've been dealing with a mess of crap from the insurance companies and what a fake mean man he was/is. ommmm....anyway, everyone was all right AND I got to rent this super cool car for 2 weeks. I'm in love with it! It's a mazda CX9. Awesome!

Apr 22, 2008


Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!!!

Apr 14, 2008


So Matt's friends, Zac and Susan, have been dating since high school (over 10 years! WOW!) and they FINALLY tied the knot! CONGRATS YOU GUYS!! We had the great pleasure of attending their wedding on Saturday night...NOTE- see it really was hot at sea world, look how red we are!

Matt and I being dorks
The guys--matt, zac, matt, and aaron

Sea World Water Park

hey all--sea world opened it's water park early this year! it's now open Saturdays and Sundays! so we decided to get out the swim gear and go this past saturday....well, it was all hot and beautiful, but there was a breeze and the water was like ICE! hahahahaha anyway- the kids spent half the time in their towels on the chairs, but they still had fun...i just thought these pictures were cute!

Brian going down one of the slides...notice how he's all sitting up straight! LOL!!!

Umm..yes, that little blob of hair under the water is Sydnee....needless to say, she wasn't very happy about that!

Brian is finally tall enough to go down the tube slide- so fun!

Poteet Strawberry Festival

We went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival this past Friday night and had a blast! For those of you who have never been-it really was fun, just get there EARLY!! We spent an hour in the car waiting to park-BOO! But eventually we got in...there were TONS of rides, food and most of all YUMMY, DEVINE, DELICIOUS Strawberrys! My favorite!

The kids and Matt on the carousel=these things make me sick! LOL!
Sydnee and I on the Ferris Wheel
Bri and Matt on the ferris wheel--it was so hard to make sure they stayed seated! AHHH!
The kids on a ride

Apr 11, 2008


We went to the Zoo! and it was soooo fun!! The weather was gorgeous--warm and sunny, but with a little breeze so we didn't DIE of heat! LOL!! The kids had a blast! Enjoy!

Riding the train--so cool--it goes through Brackenridge Park, and it is beautiful right now!
Brian and Sydnee on the Komodo Dragon--notice--in most of these pics, syd's tounge is out. Real pretty, I know, but i couldn't get her to stop!!
Posing on a giant log in the kids play area
climbing, yet again, on some Lions they've put at the entrance.
I don't know if you can see it real well, but there is a beautiful brown bear back there. and the tounge, again.

Apr 5, 2008

Sea World

Ok so we took a billion pictures the 3 days we went to Sea World, but obviously I had to narrow it down to a few favorites....Enjoy!

Ellie and Sydnee on the Shamu Coaster!

Me and the kids on a ride (i can't remember the name of it!)

Brian and I on the Shamu Coaster

Ellie and the kids on the paint cups

Umm...that's me

Ellie, me and Sydnee at the Shamu show

The girls (and Brian!) at Sea World!

ELLIE PET A DOLPHIN!!! and i got it on camera! LOVE IT!

The kids and I at dolphin cove

Kylie and I climbing the net to the pirate ship!

Rainforest Cafe/ Riverwalk

Of course while my family was here we had to go downtown to the Riverwalk! Here are some fun pics from our lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (i love that place!) and in front of the Alamo.

Me and Kylie (kate's daughter)
All of us eating lunch --syd didn't have time to take a picture as you can tell! HAHAHA

Elle and the kids

At the Alamo (could we have any more strollers?!?!)

2 of my 3 beautiful sisters! Kate and Ellie


Taking some pics before Ellie left.....booo!

Ellie and my silly kids

Me, Ellie and Kate

Ellie, Sydnee and Kate at the Temple

Kate, me, mom and Elle out for some late night shopping! Gotta love that! I had so much fun while my fam was here and I miss them soooooo much!! COME BACK NOW!!!

Birthday Fun

First of all--thanks to all the lovely ladies who attended Melissa and I's "surprise" birthday dinner and fun!! I had a super time!! Oh and 4 of the 9 who attended are pregnant! Love it!


ok- so matt got tickets for a spurs game, and Kate and I stole them! hahahaha! We had so much fun--and they WON!! oh and we had great seats--lower bowl!