Jun 27, 2008

Fun Girls Night BDAY dinner....

So in June we had a couple friends having birthdays---what better to do than go out to dinner with just the LADIES!! We went to Bravo at La Cantera--yummy! It was fun just to have some grown up talk for once (at least for me! LOL!), eat yummy food *without having to cook and cleanup*, celebrate our friends bdays and oogle our HOT WAITER!! :) Yes, that is him in the last one...hey it was girls night! I had to preserve the memory!! LOL!!!

Random fun stuff

so i know it's been like a whole week or 2 since i've posted! GASP!! :) We've been busy it seems, doing a bunch of ....hmmm...i'm not really sure what. but here's just some pics i thought were cute and fun....

Sydnee prancing around before church

My little man!

At Canyon Lake 2 weeks ago--she loves going without a lifejacket!!

Chillin at Market Square downtown--the kids LOVE it!

At the zoo...

Jun 13, 2008

Brian's Golf Camp

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, Brian has had golf camp this week. He had a blast! and it really was quite nice having 2 hours everyday for sydnee and i to do whatever we wanted! Here are some cute pics I took today-his last day- sob! :(

Jun 12, 2008


so for your information- the previous post has stomach nudity and side nudity (GASP!)   Can't stomach it?  (no pun intended)  Don't look! 


Well, do I have a story to tell!!! So....Brian started golf camp this past monday (sooo cute BTW!). anyway, they practice out at an OConner High School field. It's from 9-11, monday thru friday. anyway, on monday, sydnee and i got there a little before it was over to watch him hit for a minute. little did we know- we were sitting in a pile of ants!! Sydnee managed to get away without a on the otherhand...I'M ALLERGIC TO FIRE ANTS. usually my bites swell up for a few days and itch so bad that i want to cut that entire part of my skin off. This time, however, was WAY WORSE. after i got bit, we hurried and stood up and moved away from that spot. My sister called me on the phone and I was talking to her for a minute when I started to get REALLY ITCHY. Now i get heat rash all the time, so i wasn't really paying attention to the itchiness-- i just thought it was heat rash cause it was like a million degrees outside! Anyway= i also started to feel a little dizzy and weird so i got off the phone and looked down at the arm i had been scratching for like 5 minutes! IT WAS COVERED IN WELTS AND WAS BRIGHT RED. now this is weird, i thought. maybe i should tell someone? no- i'll just hurry home. no- i should tell someone, this IS NOT normal. well, i am so glad that I did show someone! a few of the other parents came over to look at my lovely arms, neck, and legs of welts--beautiful, i know. LUCKILY--LUCKILY one of the other moms had an emergency kit with some benadryl in it and gave me some right away. I'm afraid if she hadn't, I probably would've had to go to the ER. This all happened in like 15 mins--so fast!! I was frieking out (and feeling very embarrassed at what a spectacle i was!) and said that I'd just drive home real fast and lay down. WELL---- on the way home my tounge started swelling up and my body was SO HOT! (umm..not in the good way either! LOL!) I called matt and told him to come home asap--we then rushed to Texas Med Clinic where I waited 2 HOURS to get a shot of benadryl and steroids to calm my skin down. Needless to say, I am allergic to fire ants. and i live in Texas. super, I'm excited for this horror year round. SORRY this post was super long--but you needed an explanation before you see the lovely pics i posted of my super icky skin! (i was terribly bored while waiting for the dr- i decided to document my drama)

my stomach- it was all over my back like this too

My side--don't know if you can see it real well, but it's covered in welts.

Visiting Nanny and Papa

So we went to visit Nanny and Papa (matt's dad's parents) in the rest home this past Sunday. It was a good experience, but mind you- i hate places like that. I really makes me sad and want to cry every time I go there. But they seemed to be doing alright, and that's what matters. Anyway- the kids enjoyed seeing them, and pusing them in their wheelchairs! :) all in all, it was a good visit.


nothing too exciting- we went to the pool on saturday and the kids had a blast as always! we wanted them to get more comfortable in the water, so we asked them if they wanted to swim without their life jackets. to my surprise!!--they jumped right in!! syd sank a bit in the water cause she kinda just walked in without a noodle or anything! it was the funniest thing--she was sinking down, and still smiling!! i wish i'd gotten a pic of that!! LOL! luckily, matt was right there and pulled her up. anyway, just some cute pics.....

Jun 1, 2008

A night out...

On Friday night- we got a babysitter and went to an awards dinner for Matt's work. I got to meet all his co-workers and BOSS! *who was lovely by the way* It was fun just to go out together. I swear- I love him more and more every day!!

Canyon Lake May 31

Yes- we went to canyon lake again! this time the voges (and doggies!), the smiths and the Braeggers came with us. Such fun!

Erin & Luke on the turtle
Brian and Ryan playing with Kiah


Nicole- sophie and sydnee on the turtle
Sydnee, sophie and luke going for a ride

Syders walking Kiah

Sydnee and I on the turtle