Aug 23, 2011

June 25-Grandma Katie's 90th Birthday Party

Grandma Katie turned 90 this year! So, of course, they had a huge party for her!  Luau themed from her love of Hawaii! It was a great turnout, and a super party for such a beautiful lady.  I just love my Grandma Katie- she is my mother's father's mother.  Got that?  She is a wonderful example of faith, beauty, endurance, and everything I want to be by the time I'm her age.  I am so glad my kids get to know her! I was her first great-grandchild, and Brian is her first great-great grandchild. How stinkin cool is that??  

P.S. The stand up people are my sister, Ashley, and her husband, Steven, who couldn't be there for the party.  Play a little game and see how many times you can find Ash and Steven over the next posts! :)

June 13-17: TBarM camp

During the week of June 13-17, Brian and Sydnee got to go to TbarM camp in New Braunfels. Brian went last year and had an amazing time, so Sydnee was really excited to be able to go this year too.  It's a week long camp from they are there ALL day! Yay for me! :)  They swim, make crafts, do bible study, and basically have a REALLY GOOD TIME! Each day had a "theme" that they could dress up for...Birthday Celebration, Noah's Ark, Mission Impossible, and Team Day.  Both kids were on Team Omega.  On Friday evening, they had a parent presentation and we got to hear from the kids counselors about what kind of personality trait they thought our kids represented. I can't remember right now what they were--sorry! My mind is crazy, but I will for sure come back and rewrite this when I remember!! After the parent celebration on Friday, we went to eat at Longhorn Cafe and cool off from being in 100 degree weather for over an hour! I forgot to get some pics of a couple of the days, but here's what I got!

June 11- Early birthday party for Sydnee!

On June 11, we had an early birthday party for Sydnee.  She wanted a pool party with her friends, and since we were going to be gone all summer, we decided to have it before we left! She had so much fun! She has some great friends who came to swim and share in the fun!