Feb 15, 2010

Valentine's field trips, parties, and Valentine's day!


AHHH! I still can't figure this layout thing out! Oh well.....Sydnee had a field tip on Friday, Feb.12th to Funtastic Playland.  Her class also did their Valentine's Party there.  This place is crazy! They have HUGE indoor playsets, giant bouncy castles, etc, etc....Lexie LOVED the slides and all the kids.  And I didn't even see Sydnee until it was time to eat! hahahaha!  After Sydnee's trip, I dropped her off at Jaylie's house to play while Lexie and I went to Brian's class party.  Wow- just like at his Christmas party- 21 6 year olds should NOT have that much sugar.  :)  He and his class passed out Valentine's and ate exhorbant amounts of candy and sugar until it was time to go home.   
On Sunday- the kids had their Valentine donut breakfast, and opened their special valentine's mailboxes.  We had a diaper box that Lexie kept trying to get into, so Matt thought it would be a fun idea to push her around the house in it.  SHE LOVED IT! And of course, Sydnee couldn't be left out! They had so much fun!! Then we had to calm down, get a decent picture, and go to church. 

A mom and her girls

I love my girls

A party!

Sydnee's super friend, Jaylie, had a birthday party!  The girls were told to wear their princess dresses to come and play.  Sydnee and Jaylie get along sooooo well, and love to play together.  Syd is definately going to be super sad when they move in May and aren't as close.  Anyway, Sydnee dressed up in her Cinderella dress and was sooo sooo excited.  They played duck, duck, goose, pin the crown on the princess, opened gifts, and had some yummy cake.  Lexie had such a fun time climbing all over Jaylie's princess throne, and eating balloons. Thanks, Nielsons, for a super fun time! (and if you find that you got a pic of Sydnee and Jaylie together--pass it along to me please!!)

A day at the park(s)....

Ok, so I'm still getting used to this new blogger layout thingy- so bare with me.  I usually like to put the description above the pictures, but whatever.  These are just some pictures I found when I was clearing out my camera...a couple from Freiderich Park in January, and some from Raymond Russell Park (a place real close to our house that I take the kids to quite often).  It was Lexie's first time on the swing--and she LOVED it!!  This girl would be on slides and swings all day if she could!