Apr 29, 2009


Here are some pictures from the fun we're having in Idaho--outside play, snuggling with Lexie, and spending time with my Aunt Amy (my mom's sister) before she left to go back to Utah.   Lexie's growing so big, and is laughing/smiling, and interacting more with everyone.  She's growing so fast!  She turned 2 months old on the 27th.  Where in the world does the time go?

A horse birthday party

My mom's friend, Carla, loaned us a horse while the kids are here.  His name is Richard- and he had a birthday on Saturday. 25 years old!  That seems old for a horse to me!  Sydnee LOVES him!  She'll go right up to him and feed him, walk him, etc...  That girl is scared of nothing!  Brian likes the horse too- but not nearly as much as Syd.  Anyway- we had a little party for him on hats on the kids, the dogs AND the horse (well, the horse's ear at least! HA!), horn blowers, and a bucket of oats and carrots for Richard.  Oh happy day!


My youngest sister, Ellie, left to go home last Tuesday.  We were sad to see her go!! As you can tell....she didn't want to leave Lexie! She said she was gonna grab her at the airport and run through security--nice.  Love you Ellie!! 

Apr 20, 2009

Idaho- day 1

Here are some random pictures from while matt and my aunt amy's family were here.  We love to have fun and take pictures- so be ready for a lot!! HAHAHA!!

The accident

yes, we had an accident at the blessing--but it wasn't as bad as it could have been! And I had lots of people there to help me clean it up! LOL!

Lexie's blessing day

On Sunday, we blessed Lexie at my mom's church.  My dad, mom, and 2 of my sisters (KATE WE MISS YOU!!), my aunt amy, uncle mike, my cousins-Chelsy, Megan and Ashtyn, and all my moms friends were there.  It was such a special time to be together and I'm so glad most of us were together.  We were missing my sister, Kate, her husband, Derrick, and my cutie niece Kylie.  It's so hard to live far away, and not always get to be together.  My mom's friends up here are so nice, and they've taken us in like we've known them forever! I love it! 
However--I do have to mention that we did have an incident- we were taking pictures in front of the church BEFORE the blessing and I put my hand under Lexie's dress....yep- you guessed it--i had a handful of poop on me! YIKES! I tried my best not to cry and be upset about it! Luckily, it only got on the back of the dress, so we were able to hide it.  My mom's friend, Carla, took a picture of it that I forgot to put on here--I'll add it after this post.  ;)

Idaho road trip

SOOOO--how's this for an adventure!  For some retarded reason, Colorado weather decided to bring a BLIZZARD the very weekend that we were driving up to go to Colorado and Idaho.  Seriously people- this was a MONSTER storm!  FEET of snow in a matter of hours.  So we decided to leave at 1pm on Thursday- which put us at my sister, Ellie's, house at around 2am.  We went through a horrific storm between Lubbock and Amarillo--luckily we missed the actual storm and was just in the aftermath.  There was flash flooding apparently and both sides of the freeway looked like a river! And there was so much hail piled up on the sides of the road it looked like snow.  THANKFULLY- we didn't have too bad weather and got up to Ellie's safely.  HOWEVER- by the time we got to Colorado springs, it was already snowing in Denver and the road from Cheyenne to Rawlins (the very road we need to take to get over to Idaho) was closed!  YIKES! I hate driving in snow- remind me to tell you our crazy stories at another time!  For some reason we have the WORST luck when it comes to driving to Colorado during snowy periods!   
Anywhoo-- we cooled our heels at Ellie's apartment on Friday, and decided to leave Saturday morning around 7.  We drove south to Pueblo and took "the scenic route" (code for LONGER) across highway 50 and met up with I70 in Grand Juction, then drove across southern Utah to I15 and on up to my Aunt Amy's house in Layton.  We made it there at about 7pm. We had a pit stop and gave the baby a bath, then we were on the road AGAIN to go up to my mom's in Idaho. (5 more hours)  We got to mom's at about 130 am.  I can't tell you how nice it was to finally be THERE!  :)  We only had one kinda snowy part at a mountain pass-- I was freakin out cause I get terrified.  I always come up with silly scenarios about what bad things could happen to us.  Yes, I even annoy myself people, but I can't help it.  Let me give you an example- "what if a bear rolled down the mountain and fell on our car and we careened off the cliff and died?!?!" Don't make fun of me.  ANYWAY- I have to tell you- I have the BEST baby!  She didn't make a single peep for the entire car trip- she barely even ate! She slept the entire time and was an absolute angel. Did I mention how much I love her?!?  
Well , we are finally here and having such a fun time already!