Dec 6, 2009

Brian is 6!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind birthday weekend! Brian officially turned 6 on Friday, December 4th! I really can't believe it's been that long. Where does time go? We started the birthday festivities on Thursday night with a friend party at Chuck E Cheese. Normally, I despise Chuck E Cheese- what with the millions of screaming kids and germ infested toys...but my kids love it, so that's why we go there. Anyway, it was actually really tolerable! There was hardly anyone there, and it was fairly quiet! Brian had a great time partying with his friends. On Friday (his actual birthday), I took cupcakes to his class. However....he threw up when they were eating the birthday cupcakes, so I picked him up early from school. Poor kid- he was so embarrassed! He was feeling ok that night, so we went ahead and went out to dinner for his birthday. He chose to go to Salsalito (a mexican restaurant) because he DESPERATELY wanted sopaillas! Weeeelllll.....before our food came, we had another throw up incident...he at least made it to the door of the bathrooms so that it didn't happen in front of the entire restaurant.
( Now let me just clarify- No, I do not take my kids out if they are sick. No, I do not like to expose the entire world to whatever it is they have. I like them to rest, and get better ASAP. Brian said he was feeling fine, he had no fever or any other symptoms except the whole throwing up thing. So I thought we were ok. )
Anyway, we came home and he opened more presents from matt and I, and my mom and dad. We had one more episode before bed, but after that he was totally fine. Slept fine, no puking, no fever, etc. Saturday, he went to Sea World with Matt and Sydnee, and was great. Sunday problems- UNTIL- we are having a family birthday party for Brian and Charlie, and he throws up again. Still no fever or any other symptoms. Still acting fine! WEIRD! I have no idea what's going on with this kid! And I feel terrible that his special birthday weekend was plagued by bouts of throwing up. I kept him home from school today, just to be safe, but how crazy is this little bug that he has???