Sep 29, 2008

OH! i forgot...

ok so if you didn't get my email *obviously it's cause I don't have your address!* it said.....
for whoever's interested in reading some important and exciting news--check back on Friday in the afternoon to see a new post!


Happy Monday!  To start this week off, I went for my first acupuncture appointment this morning.  I have been having severe headaches and nothing seems to help.  So I thought-why not?  It was so cool!  The needles didn't hurt AT ALL when he was putting them in.  He put them in my arms, neck, head and 3 on my forehead.  I'm a bit sore now, but nothing compared to the migranes I've been having.  I have another appointment on Wednesday- wish me luck! :)  

Sep 28, 2008


Matt and I left Fiesta Texas day after a couple hours to drive to Austin for the UT game. Oh my gosh!!! WE. HAD. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!! The seats were great, the tailgaiting parties were like none i've ever seen before, the team spirit was in full force, and we even had a parking pass. (for anyone who's ever been to a UT game, or any professional game for that matter, this was one of the best things!!) I think that was the most burnt orange I have ever seen in my life! I love it!!! I totally wore all texas gear *even a TEXAS purse!*, had tatoos on my cheeks, and a pompom in my hair. I was loving it. And, i do have to say, that as a former cheerleader, I REALLY wanted to get down on the field and cheer! LOL! I know, I know, I'm the stereotypical cheerleader, BUT it takes so much more work than anyone realizes AND it's sooooo fun!! I asked Matt if it was too late for me to go to UT and be a cheerleader....his response?? ....."well you can certainly get one of those uniforms!" HA! Hopefully we'll make it up there again this season....

Fiesta Texas Day

Granny Sharon's (matt's mom) work had their annual Fiesta Texas family day yesterday...and we got to go!! It is always soooo fun--they close the entire park just for valero employees and their guests! Free food- rides- free game tickets! The kids won a few stuffed animals and some superhero capes. A great time was had by all. Matt and I left a bit early to go to the UT game in Austin...that's another post....enjoy the Fiesta TX pics!

Sep 23, 2008


so brian had his first soccer game this past saturday--it was so cute! he has 3 other friends already on the team, Ben, Bodee, and Timmy. Ben, Brian and Bodee like to stick together--we call them the 3 b's! How cute are they?! Bodee was sick for the first game- but Ben and Brian did AWESOME!! poor kids- there was no shade and it was quite hot--but they were troopers and even scored some goals! oh- their team is called the Raptors and bri is NUMBER 5!

3 dorks

so my family is a bunch of dorks- what can i say?? i came into the room last sunday to find this...

Fancy Nancy Party

Sydnee went to a Fancy Nancy Birthday party a few weeks fun! Love the girly theme, and the books are so cute too. She had fun being "fancy"--thanks Krista and Annie for a super party!

dancing again

ok so i know it's been FOREVER since i posted--but some of you know are a few new posts!

Sydnee at dance in the tutu i made her. It's sooo huge! I love it!