Dec 15, 2008

Kid Pictures

Krista-a good friend of mine--took some super cute pics of my kids a couple weeks ago! THANK YOU, KRISTA!!! Most of the time my kids are pretty photogenic-but as you can tell-- Brian was in exceptional form! I can't believe how well he did, and how much older he looks! Sydnee....let's just say, she was cold and wanting to do her own thing! So sorry, Krista! I am very happy with how they turned out--Krista sure has a knack for working with kids! :)

Dec 8, 2008

CHRISTUS holiday party

On Saturday night, Matt and I got to go to the annual CHRISTUS holiday party--thanks granny and grandpa for watching the kids!  We had a good time (well, mostly), and got to mingle with LOTS of people from Matt's work.  

Gingerbread house

We made a gingerbread house!  Well, actually, I just put it together--decorating is courtesy of the kids...i let them do whatever they wanted with it.  Surprising, I know! LOL! :)

Brian's 5th Birthday!

Brian is 5!  I can't even believe that 5 years ago on December 4th-this super cute little man entered our lives! He is full of energy and love and I couldn't imagine life without him! Here are some pics of him on his birthday morning opening presents, and then on Saturday (the 6th) at his "boys only with the exception of Sydnee" birthday party!  He got some great presents, and thanks to all who called and helped us celebrate his birthday!

Dec 2, 2008

Tree and ornaments

So the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year! I love putting up my tree and decorations, making fun holiday projects with my kids (thankful tree, painting ornaments, gingerbread houses and of course- THE BAKING), and having my hubby home more than usual. The kids school project this month is to make an ornament to bring to school to hang on the Christmas tree they have there. So we went to Hobby Lobby, bought a wooden train and a wooden snowflake and the kids painted!
Brian's birthday is this week (the 4th) and we'll be making a gingerbread house--so check back for more pics from that and from his party on Saturday!


Thursday for Thanksgiving we always go over to Matt's parents house, Sharon orders La Madeline's Thanksgiving feast, and we have a relaxing dinner. For the past 2 or 3? years we have had Ryan and Nicole over for dinner...a nice quiet affair you think?? Think again--this year they brought ROCK BAND! So much fun--even the grandparents got in on the action! LOL!
We did have a minor turkey incident--i'm not naming names, but the 2nd oldest person in the house forgot to turn the oven on to reheat the turkey! (it's not Sharon by the way!) HAHAHA Well, it wasn't ENTIRELY his fault--the oven went off because the cook timer was on instead of the regular timer. Oh well--instead of eating at 1, we ate at 3. It's all good! We were all so hungry, we didn't even really eat much since our stomaches had shrunk! HHAHAHA Really, I'm teasing--and we are never going to let him live it down!
It turned out better anyway, cause it gave us more time to play Rock Band! I really have to get me a Wii and get this game!

ps- the last 2 pics are from our Saturday Thanksgiving with Matt's extended family--sydnee of course is holding baby Max!

Sea World

Matt had some paid leave time available, so of course I made him take some days during Thanksgiving week when the kids were off school! He had fun- he knows it. Anyway, we went to Sea World on Wednesday and had some super fun! They have a ton of Christmas decor up, Santa was there, there was a Christmas shamu show and in the theater they were showing Polar Express in 4D! Now anyone who knows Brian, knows he LOVES trains-especially the Polar Express--so this was a MUST! I don't know who was more excited to see the show, me or the kids! It was cool-it even "snowed" in the theater! They got to ride the Shamu coaster 3 times-the line was short! We will definately be going in December when all my family gets here.

Rampage Hockey game

Matt got some sweet tickets for last Tuesday night's Rampage hockey game. We've never been to one before, so we loaded everyone in the car and off we went. The seats were AWESOME. Right up to the glass and next to the penalty box. We had so much fun! Yes, fights did break out....and it was so weird to see the refs just stand by and watch! Yikes! However, the fighting players did get sent to "time out" so at least it was a learning experience for my kids. Don't hit! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Kid's school Thanksgiving program

The kids had their school Thanksgiving program on Nov was super cute! Each class sang songs and were dressed up in cute little costumes. After, we got to eat pie! How fun! I have some videos- but I have yet to learn how to upload them on here. I'm sure it's not too hard, but i'm just glad there's even pictures on here right now! Videos later!

Brian's trophy

Brian had his end of the season soccer party at Chuck E Cheese on November 18th! He got to play with his soccer friends and get a super cute trophy. It's still up in the air whether we'll put him in spring soccer or tball....who knows--let's get through christmas first!

down to double digits????

wow--i'm down to double digits already with the baby counter! YAY!  
i will post tons of new stuff later today--when the kids are out of my hair--check back for some fun pics of what we've been up to!