Oct 6, 2009

Fiesta Texas Family Day

On the 26th of September, Sharon's work had it's annual Fiesta Texas Family Day. They close down the park for Valero employees and their guests. They provide lunch, game tickets, free snacks throughout the park-and this year they even gave each of us a pass to return to the park between now and Nov 22nd!  This is our 3rd year going, and we love it!  The kids have a great time playing games (free!) and riding rides.  Coincidentally, there was also a UT game that day as well that matt just happened to get tickets to.  He got them last year too, and he and I went up to the game.  This year I let Brian take my place-boo hoo!!  I was SAD!!  But the boys had fun!  

NOTE* there is a special story behind the photo of matt and I on the SCREAM ride.....ok.....sooo.....we get all hooked in (notice matt looks like he doesn't want to be there-i had to MAKE him ride) anyway...let me explain the ride first- it SHOOTS you up really fast, then you bounce up and down for a while, stop at the top, and "fall" down to the bottom. WELL...after we shoot up to the top, I look down and notice my fun little seatbelt has come UNDONE!! I can't explain to you the absolute TERROR I felt when that happened! It's an awful-unbelievable feeling thinking you may die. I was screaming to matt and totally freaking out- he was like "buckle it back up!!" (no duh sherlock-thanks for the help.) I'm wondering what in the heck is going to happen when we FALL down and if the belt comes undone and my seat restraint flies up-what in the heck do I do??? So I buckle up, grab anything I can get a hold of, and we FALL down! Luckily, I'm alive and after talking with the attendant --apparently, the seat belt has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SAFETY OF THE SEAT! Interesting....