Sep 27, 2009

Papa's Funeral

Papa's funeral was on Friday, September 25th, 2009.  A hard day for sure.  There was a viewing the night before which we, of course, went to.  The kids were a bit weirded out at first at seeing Papa's body in the coffin.  To be honest- it was weird for me too.  I hate funerals (who doesn't?), but this one was really tough.  Matt had never been to a viewing before in his life, so this was pretty tough for him too.  Papa looked so peaceful, and we know he's in a much better place. The funeral was really nice (well, as nice as a funeral can be).  It was a military funeral since Papa served in the Army for 22 years.  They did the rifle shots, taps, and played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.  Yes, all tear inducing events.  Matt and Chris both gave excellent little talks about Papa.  So hard! I don't know how they did it!  These pictures are from the lunch we had after at Charles and Sharon's.   Martin and Sharon both prepared really nice picture slideshows of Papa throughout the years.  

**Note** yes, I refuse to wear black to funerals.  I think it's depressing enough to be at the funeral, so why not add some color! My girls and I wore hot pink and white.  I like to think of it as being a bright spot on such a hard day.  

The group of family that was there

Me, Lexie and Nanny

Charles (Matt's dad) and Nanny

Nanny, Becky and Max (Jenny and Martin's cutie little boy!)

Nanny getting ready to watch the slideshow

Becky and Sydnee at the viewing

Jenny and Lexie at the viewing

Sharon (matt's mom) and Lexie

Martin, Jenny (matt's cousin), and Lexie