Sep 15, 2009

It's official!

It's official folks! NOVEMBER 15, 2009!! I've registered for the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon! That's 13.1 MILES to be exact!   YIKES! I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  I've never been a long distance runner, so this is all new for me! I have been running 4 miles 3 times a week with Lexie in the jogger stroller, and Nicole and I do our long runs on Saturday mornings.  We are scheduled for 7 miles this week! AAHH!  We'll see if I die or not...ahhahahah! It's been really great running with a friend, because we talk A LOT, and the time seems to go by pretty quickly.  We've got our time down to a 9:25 mile (right nicole??)--I'm sure I'm slowing her down!  My legs are about half the length of hers! LOL!  Anyway, Nicole reserved us a room downtown so we don't have to deal with parking and all the craziness that Matt and I dealt with last year. We are just going to get up, and have a warm up walk to the start line!  Matt and Ryan are going down with us for moral support, and of course to snap pics of us! hehe ;)  Matt really wanted to run the 1/2 marathon again this year, but his knee is really giving him problems.  He didn't want to chance ruining it more!  Thanks honey for letting me do this!! I can't wait!!
ps--I'm LOVING the results of my runs--all my pregnancy weight is gone, and my pants fit! YAY!


melimba said...

you are TOTALLY CRAZY! you and nicole!

but, I'm so proud too!
good work!

Ryan and Nicole said...

If it weren't for you getting up and waiting for me we BOTH know that I wouldn't be doing it! :)