Sep 8, 2009

Tennessee Day 3- Franklin and Ft Campbell

On day 3 in Tennessee, Kate and I took Lexie to go over to Franklin.  (Ky and Derrick stayed home to have a daddy-daughter date)  Franklin was really full of history!  We went to a place called the Carnton Plantation. This was where the Battle of Franklin took place--one of the 5 bloodiest battles in the Civil War.  We didn't take the tour of the house, but I bought a great book called The Widow of the South.  It's a SIGNED first addition, and I'm so glad I bought it--now if I could just find time to read it!   We also got some stone bullets that they actually dug out of the ground.  We ate at a super yummy place called the Mellow Mushroom--if you are ever in the area of one, I HIGHLY recommend it!  After we left Franklin, we actually turned the wrong way, we were driving along and all of the sudden there was the Temple!  How funny is that?!?!  So, of course, I had to get out and get a picture!  We stopped at home and picked up Ky and Derrick to go out to Ft Campbell (where Derrick works).  It's actually in Kentucky--but I didn't get a picture in front of the state sign- boo.  Anyway, we saw the helicopters that he flies and many more!  It's like a helicopter mecca! We jumped out to get a quick pic in front of some, and it started raining, so we left the kids in the car- ky was crying about it, thus, the reason for the last picture of me and her.  man, i love that kid!

A house on the road in Franklin-wouldn't you love to live there?!

The Carnton Plantation House

The Confederate Cemetery with the Carnton Plantation in the background

Kate and Lexie at the Mellow Mushroom

The Nashville Temple

Big Copters

Love this girl!!