Sep 8, 2009

Tennessee day 1- Zoo and Trolley Tour of Nashville

For our first day in Tennesse we went to the Zoo, and on an hour long trolley tour of downtown Nashville.  Kate got us tickets for the hour long trolley tour, a 90 min walking tour of downtown, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  So off we went to the Zoo!  They have a really cool zoo!  It has lots of shade and TREES! Wow! Coming from San Antonio, trees are actually beautiful in Tennessee!  We saw giraffes, zebras, tigers, elephants, etc, etc!  Lexie also had her first ride on the carousel!  She loved it!  I just wish my older kids were there to go with us--but we still had fun!  After the Zoo, we headed downtown Nashville for our trolley tour.  We had a great driver, and the trolley tour was really informative! We got to see Music Row, the Capitol, The Country Music Hall of Fame, Vanderbilt University, The Parthenon ( a full size replica of the one in Athens!) , and so much more that I can't even remember right now!  I am so excited to be in Tennessee with my sister and her family--I just wish we lived closer together! 

Getting ready to walk in the zoo

You can barely see it- but the White Tiger is my FAVORITE!

Lexie checking out the zebras for the first time

Cutie Kylie and the zebras

Lexie's first carousel ride!

You can barely see the giraffes behind us....

Lexie and I getting ready to ride

You can see the capitol way back behind us...those pillars have bells in the top that play songs on the hour