Sep 20, 2010

18 months?

Ok, so more like 19 months now, because I'm so late in posting this.  This is what my little Lexie girl is up to now....

She copies~ EVERYTHING~ words, actions, you name it, she does it. 
She says a whole ton of words....mommy, bri bri, nee nee, daddy, DIET COKE....and so many more
She is constantly moving, and wreaks havoc wherever she's a good thing she's cute!
She loves ALL THINGS DORA...
She can count to 5 in english AND spanish (thanks Dora)
She knows all her body parts
She knows her colors
She has 3rd child syndrome...often gets overlooked, so she compensates by calling attention to herself
Loves pizza, mini lunchables, goldfish, cupcakes, any kind of fruit, green beans, corn...but hates meat
She is the craziest girl I know, and I love every bit of her, even if she drives me nuts sometimes!


Joan said...

YAY! I'm so glad I have found you...again :)
I hope you enjoy the spider making. Btw: the styrofoam (ps) balls can be expensive so I would recommend that you call a few different craft stores to get prices. There is one brand that is far cheaper than the other and that's the one I used. The styrafoam is smooth and it makes for painting the balls much easier. Spray paint might make the project less tedious...I was just too cheap and went for the 67 cent craft paint over the 3 dollar spray paint. Either way :)
Have fun...and I'm flattered you like them so much :)