Jan 28, 2009

I've been tagged I guess

6 Random/Quirky things about myself......

1.  I seriously have some sort of OCD...I cannot physically stand a messy makes me ill to look at. I am constantly picking up and arranging things so that they are just so.  Yes, I do have children, and it IS harder on myself to keep picking up what they leave out- but i have to.  It's impossible for me not to.

2.  I am an obsessed picture taker. I ALWAYS have my camera...but most of you already know this fact.

3.  I love makeup and hair products.  I have tons and tons of stuff that I never, and probably will never, use- but I can't stop collecting.

4.  I am obsessed with holidays--if there is a holiday, I have decorations for it.  My favs are St Patricks day and Christmas.  

5.  Brian and Sydnee's hair always has to be done.  I can go out with no makeup, in my sweats, with my hair in shambles- but you'd better believe that my kids are put together and ready to go.

6. Just like my cousin, Stephanie, I have no middle name.  Why? I do not know--if you want you can ask my mom.  But she doesn't have a middle name either- so maybe she has no answer.  LOL!

I tag-- Joan, Erin, Nicole, Kajsa, Krista, and Kristen--oh whatever- whoever wants to do it- Do it!


Kristen said...

lol, I love your obsessions. I really wish I was obsessed with keeping house. I am really impressed that you always have Brian's hair done too. I rarely do Gunnar's, it's ruined after nap time and with boys I think what's the point. But with Lily, I always do her hair b/c girls have got to be cute!

erin said...

Fun stuff!
Yeah for no middle name! I never had one either :)