Jan 19, 2009

I know- I know

I know it's been a while since I last posted.  I'm soooo tired.  We're down to the last 6 1/2 weeks, and it seems to be catching up to me now.  Back aches, tiredness, CRANKINESS, being totally uncomfortable, and not being able to sleep...just to name a few!  I've also been having BAD sciatica pain...which actually gets worse when i'm up and active (but i feel SO lazy when i'm just laying around)!  And tons of contractions!  A couple real ones, but mostly just painful Braxton Hicks.  

Luckily, I get to go out with some of my girly friends on Friday night, so that's something to look forward to.

Sydnee and I also started a project....the girls' room.  We painted it pink and brown and are now adding the finishing touches.  It is turning out super cute.  Of course I will post some pics when it's done, but I'm waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail to finish it up.
It must've been the weekend of deals, because I found some super nice bedding for the crib for only $22.50, a lamp for $7, a new blanket for Sydnee's bed for $20, and a few other little things.  I love deals!! 
Just wanted to post something so that you didn't think I died or something! HA!  Somedays I feel like I am, but we all know that in a few short weeks, the babe will be here, and we'll have a whole new set of challenges!  3 am feedings??? diaper changes???  what??? I thought I was done with that!  


erin said...

Sorry about the sciatic pain. Boo! At least you get a cute baby out of the deal, right? haha.
Can't wait to see the girl's room! You know I love brown and pink! :)

Tim and Melissa said...

I'm sorry that you aren't feeling very well. I feel for you! Anytime you need a break, bring the kids on over here. I'm excited to see you Friday!!

clarkefam said...

Ugh! I know how you fel--it's still all too clear!! I couldn't make any decisions while prego either. But sometimes I still can't now, which is annoying. It's so hard being so tired but not wanting to be lazy! I thought it got better after the baby came--it's just a different tired. Love the name, how cute. She'll be a doll, you have the most beautiful babies. I miss you and wish so much i could be there to see her in person when she comes!!!!