Oct 27, 2008

Church Trunk or Treat

As if Friday night weren't enough, Saturday night we had our church Trunk or Treat! Again, all day beggin as to when we were going to leave! It was pretty fun for the kids- the church did a chili/cornbread/pie cookoff to start the night, then a costume contest, and FINALLY the trunk or treating. There were so many kids there this year! Way more than I remember from any other time. UNFORTUNATELY, this year, my mom and dad did not come down for Halloween. BOO! They've been down every year, so it was a bit melancholy *sp?* going without them. The doggie in the pic is our surrogate dog, Sophie. And NONE of my pics with my SUPER, wonderful friend Nicole turned out--so Nic- I need one!
Try not to notice my increasingly large form....but only 4 full months to go! YAY!


melimba said...

look at you! updating machine, you are! AWESOME!
love all the fun! Man, we're pretty boring in comparison! We'd better get crackin'! :)
by the way, you look GREAT! you can't even tell you are pregnant! sheesh, how would that be?? :)

Kristen said...

Fun times. I love Sydnee's hair. Love that green shirt you wore to the zoo too!

erin said...

What are you talking about large for lady?, you look great! Sydnee makes a perfect little princess! And Brian, I wish I had your abs! :)

Tim and Melissa said...

How fun! You guys sure have been busy! Mandee you look amazing!!

The Easton Family said...

Are you crazy? You don't even look pregnant yet and you only have four months to go!