Feb 22, 2009

False Alarm--BOO!

For any of you who do not know--I DO NOT go to the hospital to have babies until I am VERY sure I am in labor. I absolutely hate the idea of being sent home.  However, this past Wednesday night- i was forced to go! UGH.  At a recent dr's appt, I was told that my amniotic fluid is pretty low, so we need to keep it monitored.  On Wednesday night, I thought my water had broken (my water has never broken on its own, so I really don't know what to expect)- anyway, they told me to come in just to check and be sure everything was ok.  Long story short, my water did NOT break, and we spent hours at the hospital just to BE SENT HOME. BOO!!!  I have another appt this week, so we'll see how things are going, but we are probably going to have this baby before her due date on March 9th.  LUCKILY- my mom changed her ticket and is now coming keep checking may see baby pics very soon! :)
Here is a picture of me trying to remain calm.....LOL!!  


Jenni said...

Hang in there!!! My water had never broken before either so I'd have no clue what to expect!!!

melimba said...

false alarms are the WORsT!
i'm so sorry!! But, at least it is nice to have them monitor her to make sure everything is okay---otherwise, they wouldn't have sent you home... which is a nice thing, right? :)
GOOD LUCK making it through this next little bit! I can't wait to see her!!
and how cute are you with your water bottle!? hA! Always in hand!