Nov 17, 2008

Rock & Roll Half-Marathon!!!!

Ok so I just have to report on how proud I am of my husband!! He ran his first ever half-marathon (13.1 miles!) on Sunday in the Rock and Roll Marathon. There were 30,000 runners registered for the race. YIKES! Craziness, I believe it's called! There was a half-marathon and a full marathon...oh my gosh- if 30,000 runners won't inspire you to get in shape, I have no idea what will! HA!! I did 5 miles myself today on the treadmill, because I was feeling inferior to them! Anyway, matt finished in 2:28:09...his knees were hurting pretty bad after mile 9, so he had to slow down a bit. I caught him at the end of the race--sorry, babe, for not being a good wife and meeting you at several points during your race. Cut me some slack! Being a 6 month pregnant lady among more that 30,000 people is annoying enough as it is! Anyway, it was pretty cold to start (38 degrees I believe), but then it warmed up when the sun came out. Now I have a goal--Matt and I are going to run TOGETHER next year. Yes, I am not usually a runner, but now I just have to do this. Wish me luck! I will need it, I'm sure!! HHAHAHAHAHAH!!


Ryan and Nicole said...

I bet Matt was so glad when that was over! :0) Its a great accomplishment, next year you both can cross that finish line!