Mar 4, 2010

LEXIE is 1!!!

Wow- this I cannot believe! my baby girl is 1! Technically, her birthday was on Saturday, Feb.27th, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  We had a great family/friend party over at our house, with a whole ladybug theme going on.  Ladybug games- everyone made a ladybug to "pin on the leaf", a super bug search in the yard, guessing how many "bugs" were in the jar-,  special ladybug tutu outfit, CAKE, etc!  Black, white and red balloons, streamers, and decor adorned the house....and the cake! Oh the cake!  I spent days making this awesome ladybug cake for my girl!! I've never, ever worked with fondant before, and I was so nervous.  I have to say, though, it turned out amazing!! I was so happy with the result--and I was actually sad to see it cut into.   

Here's some stats on our little ladybug::
She walks and runs all over the place
slowly growing in some hair ;)
loves to throw a ball and chase after it
loves watermelon, broccoli, spaghetti, 
green beans, corn, noodles, and CANDY!
says "mama" and "dada"
loves playing with other kids
likes to growl and gasp (haha)

I will post height and weight stats when I get them.  This girl brings so much joy to our home! I don't know how we lived without her!  She is always so happy and funny!


Brittany said...

CUTE!! i love the tutu!! i can't believe she is ONE! What a cutie! And Mand--that cake is AWESOME!!!!

erin said...

Looks like fun!
The lady bug theme is so cute. Great job Mandee! :)