Feb 14, 2011

February 4-6

February 4th- Bella's 1st Birthday!  also a SNOW day! yes, that's right...a snow day in San Antonio, TX.  It was not even an inch, but there was ice under the snow, so they cancelled school. The kids were totally excited about that!  We stayed in for most of the day- since it was in the 20s outside- and made Bella a birthday cake.  Bella LOVED it!  She was mostly a fan of the cream cheese frosting.  The kids thought it was pretty fun to make a cake for a dog too. :)  In the afternoon on their snow day, we ventured outside.  the snow was gone, but we had a nice square ice patch on our walkway, and the car had icicles on it. The kids had great fun breaking those off and eating them.  yum.  ewww.  
February 6th- we delivered some valentine treats to friends, and then came home to watch the Super Bowl.  yes, my friends, the super bowl that Green Bay was in- AND WON!!!  I have been a Green Bay fan since i was 14 and discovered how cute some football quarterbacks are!  Thus began my love of football...hahahahaha.  I really was a Brett Farve fan for those years, but there's something that I still love about Green Bay...maybe it's the giant cheeseheads the fans wear (i have ALWAYS wanted one of those), or the energy that's always present and Lambeau Field--Brett Farve or not.  :)   We wished we would've had people over and had a big party, but we didn't, so maybe next year.  
What a great way to start the month!! Happy February!!